Cohousing is happening!

After some uncertainty as to whether we could manage the loan and resulting loan payment, especially from RC, we are now on the same page and working through the many final steps and decisions to move in to our Cohousing unit! I’ll share about a few of these below…

First of all, which unit will we choose? We were going to be  in a one level, slightly smaller unit for some time, then moved (on the unit map, not in real life) to a two-story unit with the office and Ellie’s bedroom upstairs, and the kitchen, living room, washer/dryer, and a very small master bedroom downstairs. Then the price was recently reduced on our previous c-unit, so we are considering moving back. 

But, RC just got a promotion! And I really think I would miss not having the upstairs to retreat to or hang out in when I needed a change of scenery or energy reset. It just feels mor expansive and lighter upstairs and allows more separation between activities. Does this make sense? 

The other, now less expensive unit has a wonderful, large outdoor deck, though, and a slightly larger backyard. I wish we could have the outside of that unit and the inside of the other one. 😏 

There is a site tour tomorrow, and I’m going to do some measuring and then we’ll decide! I’m leaning toward the D but am willing to sacrifice and go with the other one if RC thinks it would be prudent. I feel lucky to be buying into the community period, and I’m grateful he’s come around to commit to it  

Then we will continue working on our loan. We’ve gotten most of our ducks in a row, but closing costs are more expensive than we’d remembered, and we are really hoping interest rates go down a little in October. 🤞🏼

Additionally, we have seemingly dozens of things we need to decide on and purchase with others in the community. Finishes/items that for whatever reason were not included in the construction plans. In actuality, there are just a few we want/need (washer/dryer, blinds, ceiling fans, microwave, ?), but coordinating these decisions feels like a lot right now. 

But I have to say that it’s also super exciting. I’ve dreamed of living in Cohousing for a looong time, and Ellie is really getting to know and grow attached to our “neighbors.” She’s adored and gets quite a bit of attention, which is so nice! When we go to see the unit, she is thrilled to go into her room, and she throws herself down on the floor and looks so comfortable and at home. Her experience of home and neighbors/loved ones is (hopefully) going to be so different  than mine  

I’ll share more soon about unit choice; please send good thoughts. Move-on is scheduled for November 7th! Happy almost fall! 


  1. How exciting. I enjoy reading your posts on this because it is not a concept I am familiar with or that we have here in the midwest (at least not where I live).