And another cycle begins...

Wah wah wah.  Turns out, at least in this instance, no signs are not good signs.  My luteal phase was the perfect and average length at 14 days.  Hormonally, my mood rapidly improved, so that helped cushion the blow.  Thanks for your supportive words.

I have my first monitoring appointment of this cycle tomorrow afternoon at 2pm.  I had a disheartening phone conversation with the doctor today, in which he again felt compelled to tell me about the ultra-low success statistics.  Yes, doctor, if I didn't get it the few times I heard it previously, the message is now indelibly imprinted in my brain by your heavy-handed third sharing of it. 

S, on the other hand, is being very supportive.  We're planning all the logistics of the medications, as well as re-committing to a more disciplined fertility-friendly diet.  No fried foods or simple carbs, and more greens!  We're going to plan our next day's eating the night before.  He's doing it to support me and because he wants to lose a little weight. 

I was curious if any of you ttcers out there felt like changing your diet contributed to fertility, or whether you tried to address food allergies?  I know I'm mildly allergic to dairy, and I especially feel it when I eat sour cream, ice cream, lots of cheese, etc.  I had actually been eating more of these foods since I'd heard that full-fat dairy helped fertility, but I'm questioning the benefits for me at this point, if it's making me phlegm-y.  S and I might even see a nutritionist/dietician friend of mine together.

Regarding the protocol:  Assuming I have no cyst, I'll do three ampules of Menopur, up from two the last cycle I did.  I keep hearing of various more complicated sounding protocols, but he seems to just think this simple approach is dandy.  In my first medicated cycle, I used Lupron, and the second I started with Femara, then did Menopur.  So, I guess just using Menopur at the higher dose is a somewhat new approach.  I'll take any positive thoughts you can send.


  1. Wishing you all the best! The only dietary thing I did was drink wheatgrass which actually did bring down my FSH a few points.

  2. In this book she lists a lot of diet recommendations etc. It's worth of look.


    So sorry about this cycle!

  3. :-( I'm so sorry! I am remaining very hopeful for your next cycle!! I did try gluten free for a few months before my BFP, so maybe it helped. Good luck, girl!!

  4. Well that just sucks! I'm sorry. :(

    As for dairy - the actual study showed that women who consumed skim/1%/2% dairy products were more likely to have IF than women who consumed whole milk products, or no dairy at all. So if you usually avoid dairy, there's no benefit to adding it.

    Good luck with this cycle!

    1. Interesting, thanks Shannon. I'm going back to no dairy (except dry cheese here and there) then.