Guess who showed...

As you might imagine, I got my period yesterday.  I could feel it coming the day prior but still held out a shred of hope.  Longest cycle ever at 33 days.

I was frustrated with myself about not temping the first part of the cyle and then S and I missing the most fertile window.  I understand why we did (my ovulation was several days later than usual and temp pattern was odd), but it's still frustrating.

Oh well, on to the next month.  I'm starting the Femara tomorrow at a dose of 7.5.  I have an appointment Tuesday regarding injectable IUI cycle for the one after that, but I may need to reschedule for later since this cycle was so long.

Thank you for all your support.  It feels good to know you're rooting for me.


Monday Morning Letdown

I tested this morning:  BFN

Super sad and disappointed.  And confused!  Where is all this cramping coming from?  I haven't read anywhere that Vitex causes cramping...

I took out my override amounts in Fertility Friend and allowed it to reset ovulation for cd19 and the second round of cramping for 6, 7, and 8dpo.  Today would be 10dpo.

My gameplan now is to wait and see if my cycle comes in a few days.  If not, then I'll test.  If it does, I'll take Femara the following cycle and go to the medicated IUI consult with Pac. Fertility Center on the 30th.


Still Holding On

I should test, right?  I guess I'm not wanting to have my hopes crushed.

Recent signs:
  • It is now likely 15dpo (going by my belief of when I ovulated), and I have never had a luteal phase this long.
  • Off-and-on, light, lower abdominal cramping the last couple of days and today, but no spotting.
  • Bbt temperature still up high yesterday and this morning; three days now at this level.
  • More of an appetite.
  • Increased creamy cm today.
The only way that FF's indication of when I ovulated (7 days later than what I believe) would possibly fit my cramping pattern is that I had the two days of Aunt Flo type cramps at the time of ovulation, which I have never had in the past.  Then, these cramps I'm having now would be timed to be implantation cramps... which would assume S's guys are "Super Sp.erm" and lasted 4 days until that late ovulation time. 

I think it's much more likely that "something" is happening.  Here's hoping it's a sticky little eggie making itself at home...


Another Positive Sign - Updated

Another positive sign: I have a tri-phasic chart, according to Fertility Friend!  Do you guys think it looks like I ovulated when I thought I did?  It was a mini-rise, but from what I understand, any sustained rise is ovulatory.  I don't really have any big symptoms right now, though.  The headache has gone away and no breast soreness today, either.  I decided I don't want to POAS until after tomorrow, if I know that I am late.

* Added chart as a picture - forgot I needed to do that.  I'm having some crampy feelings so not as up at the moment.  This is such a roller coaster.


Fingers Crossed

I had that super wacky dip in temperature on 6 and 7dpo, then AF type cramping on 7 and 8dpo, which is gone now.  Never had cramping that early.  It certainly seems unusual, but then this whole cycle is unusual.  I've tried to paste it in another way below.  Fingers crossed it actually means something positive!



This cycle is driving me bananas.  I will try and post an image of my chart (please forgive my inconsistent temp taking early in this cycle).  The OPK positive is a guess, based on temps and fading out results on Sunday and Monday.

Basically, my temps have been really up and down.  I was pretty sure I ovulated last Friday or Saturday, even though my post-ovulation temps were a couple tenths lower than usual.  But then, today and yesterday they dropped down to around 97.2/97.3!  Crazy, I tell you.

Oh well, I blame the Vitex.  From what you guys are telling me and from what I read, Vitex can do a number on your cycle at first.  At this point, I plan to stay with it until we do an injectable medication cycle, then I plan to follow advice and stop taking it.  Of course, all this may change based on guidance from Pacific Fertility Center.  I have my phone consult at 2pm today, during which we will review the extensive ttc and medical history I had to submit, then we will schedule an in-person appointment.

On the other hand, my dip in temperature does happen to fall on day 6 or 7dpo, so it's pretty much perfect timing for implantation... Have I had dips around this time before, though?  Yep, I have.  And I was not pregnant.  And who knows what my hormones are doing, as mentioned above.  So, I'm trying not to read anything in to it, though I would really like to!  I do hope they go back up though.  If they don't go back up, does that mean I didn't ovulate?  When would AF likely show up then?  Aargh.

More concrete life happenings include a weekend workshop with the famous Joanna Macy, which will start tonight and go through Sunday at 3pm.  S and I are both attending.  JM's work is used a lot in our Transition Town groups, and on a romantic note, he and I first connected while doing a JM exercise.  It was this one where we held hands and, one at a time, looked at the other's hand and saw their ancient ancestry and current life.  We expressed appreciation for all the love and work that had already come and would eventually come through their hands.  It was moving to both of us, and I just remember looking at his smile and feeling a lot of radiance.  We hope this workshop will give us gifts for our personal relationship, as well as our activist work together.

This work is heating up, btw!  We're participating in an action on Earth Day, April 22, and will be joining many other activities during the summer, likely culminating in one huge day of mass action in San Francisco.  Climate change is S's biggest passion from an environmental devastation point of view (don't get him started talking about it unless you want to be there a while!).  Mine is more focused on living sustainably - both from a resource/climate change point of view, but also from the point of view of supporting one another relationally and in an interconnected community.


Strange Cycle

I have been doing too much googling and decided I should just write a blog post and see what those of you who have experience with supplements and fertility efforts think.

So as I mentioned, I went on Vitex about a week and a half ago.  I hadn't been taking my temperature but started shortly after that point.  I got a 97.75 mid last week on Cycle Day 9, then a couple around 97.5, then back up to 97.7 for two or three days, then today down to 97.35!  Today is Cycle Day 15, and I never ovulate this late.

Yesterday, I was talking to S trying to figure out what is going on and decided to do an OPK (was going to start doing these next month when we take Femara but hadn't thought we would do them this time).  It came up with a light line, then a second one this morning came up lighter and barely readable.

So my questions are:  How long does it generally take for the second line to fade out on a two-line OPK?  I guess it can vary but wondering about the average range of time.  If you were me would you keep trying to BD for another day or two, until I see a definite raise in my temps?

The 97.7 readings are really throwing me for a loop.  This is at least two tenths higher than my usual highest temps prior to ovulation, but two tenths lower than my usual lowest temps post ovulation!  I've read Vitex can raise temps a bit, and also delay ovulation by a couple of days, so I'm thinking that may be what is happening.  If so, the effects sure kicked in quickly!

I'll take another OPK later today, take my temperature tomorrow, and let you know what happens, as well.  I hope this cycle wackiness evens out by next month.


Trying to Make Lemonade

Easter was lovely.  S bought me tons of tulips and some gourmet chocolates at our Farmer's Market and made a yummy fish dinner, which we accompanied with the Chardonnay from our wine tasting weekend.  We had lots of good - some deep and some fun - conversations and watched the movie, "Snow White and the Huntsman."

On the other hand, I have some bad news to report.  We just lost COBRA coverage with Kai.ser.  S was able to get on another individual Kai.ser plan, but I was rejected basically for being a woman, old, and trying to get pregnant, even though the plan didn't cover fertility.  Yes, I'm feeling some bitterness.

Ironically, an injectable IUI cycle at a local fertility center costs about the same as the monthly cost of COBRA plus the copays we had to make.  So, we will likely go ahead and do a cycle with them as soon as we are able to get things going.  I have a phone consult a week from this Friday, the earliest they had open.  So. Tired. Of. Waiting.

On the bright side, I've added Vitex to my list of supplements, and I have a sense it may be a big positive for me.  I don't know why.  It was suggested to me several years ago, but I never took it for some reason.  It tastes mildly bitter, and you have to count out 30 drops of the stuff three times every day (if you take the liquid).  So with that and the DHEA, COQ10, L-Arginine, Melatonin, etc., I'm getting as much help as a gal can get from supplements!

And this cycle (and probably next one, as well), we can try naturally.  I would like to use Femara next cycle if we can't do injectable medications yet, so am looking into getting a hold of some of that.

This week's a busy week with a Key.stone XL protest Wednesday and a Transition US open house fun-type event on Thursday.  Life keeps rolling on, and I guess I'm being distracted from the difficulties by a lot of good things.  I'm grateful for that.