This cycle is driving me bananas.  I will try and post an image of my chart (please forgive my inconsistent temp taking early in this cycle).  The OPK positive is a guess, based on temps and fading out results on Sunday and Monday.

Basically, my temps have been really up and down.  I was pretty sure I ovulated last Friday or Saturday, even though my post-ovulation temps were a couple tenths lower than usual.  But then, today and yesterday they dropped down to around 97.2/97.3!  Crazy, I tell you.

Oh well, I blame the Vitex.  From what you guys are telling me and from what I read, Vitex can do a number on your cycle at first.  At this point, I plan to stay with it until we do an injectable medication cycle, then I plan to follow advice and stop taking it.  Of course, all this may change based on guidance from Pacific Fertility Center.  I have my phone consult at 2pm today, during which we will review the extensive ttc and medical history I had to submit, then we will schedule an in-person appointment.

On the other hand, my dip in temperature does happen to fall on day 6 or 7dpo, so it's pretty much perfect timing for implantation... Have I had dips around this time before, though?  Yep, I have.  And I was not pregnant.  And who knows what my hormones are doing, as mentioned above.  So, I'm trying not to read anything in to it, though I would really like to!  I do hope they go back up though.  If they don't go back up, does that mean I didn't ovulate?  When would AF likely show up then?  Aargh.

More concrete life happenings include a weekend workshop with the famous Joanna Macy, which will start tonight and go through Sunday at 3pm.  S and I are both attending.  JM's work is used a lot in our Transition Town groups, and on a romantic note, he and I first connected while doing a JM exercise.  It was this one where we held hands and, one at a time, looked at the other's hand and saw their ancient ancestry and current life.  We expressed appreciation for all the love and work that had already come and would eventually come through their hands.  It was moving to both of us, and I just remember looking at his smile and feeling a lot of radiance.  We hope this workshop will give us gifts for our personal relationship, as well as our activist work together.

This work is heating up, btw!  We're participating in an action on Earth Day, April 22, and will be joining many other activities during the summer, likely culminating in one huge day of mass action in San Francisco.  Climate change is S's biggest passion from an environmental devastation point of view (don't get him started talking about it unless you want to be there a while!).  Mine is more focused on living sustainably - both from a resource/climate change point of view, but also from the point of view of supporting one another relationally and in an interconnected community.


  1. The chart doesn't show up for me. :(

    The workshop sounds great! And brava for your environmental activism!

  2. I can't see the chart either. Grr, what a crazy cycle! I hate when it's unclear! Always drove me nuts! Still hoping for good things!!