Still Holding On

I should test, right?  I guess I'm not wanting to have my hopes crushed.

Recent signs:
  • It is now likely 15dpo (going by my belief of when I ovulated), and I have never had a luteal phase this long.
  • Off-and-on, light, lower abdominal cramping the last couple of days and today, but no spotting.
  • Bbt temperature still up high yesterday and this morning; three days now at this level.
  • More of an appetite.
  • Increased creamy cm today.
The only way that FF's indication of when I ovulated (7 days later than what I believe) would possibly fit my cramping pattern is that I had the two days of Aunt Flo type cramps at the time of ovulation, which I have never had in the past.  Then, these cramps I'm having now would be timed to be implantation cramps... which would assume S's guys are "Super Sp.erm" and lasted 4 days until that late ovulation time. 

I think it's much more likely that "something" is happening.  Here's hoping it's a sticky little eggie making itself at home...


  1. I'm a really bad blog reader and commenter; I'm SO sorry I'm checking in this late. I'd say test!

    I hope, SO MUCH, that you do have a little embie snuggled up in there.

  2. Ooh sounds promising!! I don't blame you for not testing. If perhaps you ovulated later, a BFN would be discouraging - but it wouldn't mean you're out! Also, those swimmers can last a long time! I am hopeful for you either way. Those high temps and symptoms sound awesome! I am keeping everything crossed for you!! Please keep us posted! I am on the edge of my seat :-)

  3. Hopeful and excited for you! I don't know if I'd test. I'd really want to know, but I hated that feeling if disappointment. I didn't test with Annelise until the very end. Good luck!

  4. Oh, I can't wait for you to POAS!!!! Fingers crossed for you!

  5. I'm really, really hoping that this is it for you! (For what it's worth, I had cramping right around the time I got my BFP. That could be a good sign - especially if you haven't started spotting yet.)

    1. Thanks, Jenny. No, no spotting yet, fingers crossed. I think I'm going to test tomorrow morning...

  6. I'm freaking out here with excitement.

  7. All this sounds really promising. I am on pins and needles for you!

  8. Crossed fingers that this is it! Things look very promising!!