All You Ever Wanted to Know About My Fertility Supplements

I am sitting here in the "2 week wait" and, needless to say, my mind keeps wandering back to conception topics!  So I am just going to go with it and write a post about the fertility supplements I'm taking.

If any of you are currently taking supplements and would be willing to share information or feedback in the comments section, I would love to hear it!

In addition to my synthroid for my hypothyroid condition, I take three other supplements when I get up in the morning:
2 Rainbow Light Organic Prenatal Vitamins
1 Natural Factors 400 mg Coenzyme Q10 soft gel (I have seen 600 mg recommended also)
1 Golden Emperor Royal Jelly capsule (2 might be a bit better but I'm taking 1)

With lunch, I take:
50 mg Pure Encapsulations DHEA capsules
1 (1000 mg) Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Purified Fish Oil soft gel

Later in the day, around evening time, I take a baby aspirin.  I have no scientific reason for taking the baby aspirin separately; it just seemed like it might get lost with all the rest!

I wanted to share a bit about how I chose my supplements:

Prenatals are generally a given to assure an optimum level of vitamins and minerals, but I like that mine are made with organic fruits and vegetables.

Regarding the lesser-used supplements, on several websites, I read about many women following their doctors recommendations with regard to a certain protocol of supplements for fertility purposes.  Although I recognize that not everyone would be comfortable with this, I felt comfortable enough to follow what was most frequently recommended.

Because I am 42, egg quality is obviously a concern and DHEA and COQ10 have shown some promising results in this department.  The DHEA study often referenced shows clearly improved pregnancy results after taking 75 mg for 90 days.  Because of the potential for side effects, and because I saw others taking it at this level, I chose to stay with 50 mg for now.

COQ10 has only been studied in mice (!) regarding egg quality (a prior study showed that it increased male fertility) and yet the results were so promising - and I think doctors are seeing results in their patients - that it seems to be commonly recommended now.

In reading more closely, I think I should be taking the Royal Jelly with bee pollen.  Any thoughts on this?  There seem to be many positive effects of bee products, including fertility, and no real downside - unless you are allergic to bees!

Omega-3 Fish Oil is so commonly used now to support fertility.  Reasons cited include hormone regulation and increased fertile cervical fluid.  A few years ago when I was actively trying to conceive using IUIs, I was seeing an acupuncturist who recommended it, so I felt confident adding it to the regimen.

And finally, an added benefit of taking supplements:  I can take action and have some effect on something which, for the most part, feels entirely out of my control!


Taking My OPKs to Tiburon

Writing this post from my hotel room in Tiburon.  Jacuzzi tub to my left, beneath expansive windows looking out onto a beautiful courtyard.  Later, we will be taking the ferry out to Angel Island, and I'm looking forward to having a lunch of oysters and maybe a glass of wine.

Looking in from another perspective, I have six bottles of supplements, a basal thermometer, and a temperature chart on my nightstand, as well as an OPK on the table showing a clear surge as of this morning.

Perfect timing for our conception getaway!


Summer of Slither

First the boring job report:  I was hoping to have final news on my second job to share in this post, but unfortunately I have not heard anything back yet.  At the end of the interview last week, they said they would let me know by the end of this week, so that may not be a good sign.

She did request my references last Friday and received them on Monday but has not called them yet (I checked with one of them today).   What do you think that indicates?  I guess I will contact her later on Monday if I haven't heard anything by then.

On the relationship front, Sh/cm and I have continued to see a lot of one another.  We had a bit of drama last week when I went solo to a friend's birthday gathering and one of the guys there was someone I had expressed interest in a few months ago when he attended one of our Interplay performances.

Apparently, K (the birthday girl, one of my Interplay friends, and my NVC group leader) told him at the time but we never connected.  He ended up going out with another one of our Interplay friends, and then I got together with the old flame.

Anyway, that wouldn't be so dramatic except that this guy took a liking to me and had some hopes about asking me out, which he proceeded to express in his NVC men's group, of which sh/cm is a member.  

It's amazing how much someone can apparently read into an elevator ride and walking to a car.

So sh/cm was telling me about this guy and I realized who it was and of course told him, completely triggering him into some old jealousy/mistrust issues.  We finally got it straightened out but it was a pain.

On a happier note, we are going to see the "Snakes and Lizards, Summer of Slither" show at the California Academy of Sciences tomorrow.  I can't wait!

My love affair with lizards goes way back and is half the reason I love to go hiking in the desert.  Also, I should mention I have a lizard tattoo (symbolically representing transformation. . . but also my love of lizards!) on my left inside ankle.

And, finally, a rather large confession: he and I have decided to go "au natural" in the birth control department, as in we have talked about it and decided we would both be okay, more than okay, if our admittedly older eggs/sperm should happen to find one another and unite.

We actually have a conception getaway planned for mid next week. . .

I know it's a bit crazy with the newness and me not having a sustainable income nailed down yet.  But on the positive side, he does well financially as a writer and I do have insurance coverage.

As they say, more shall be revealed. . .


Job Update

In brief:  Did not take the One Stop job.  Was offered the a-lot-higher-then-I've-ever-been-paid, 10-hour-per-week teaching junior high career exploration classes job and accepted.  Knocked out a second interview with the Green Jobs program today and feel happy with my performance.  Will find out the results at the end of next week.  Happy! :-)

p.s. Looking back, my "Taking the Leap" post was confusingly positive about the One Stop job, I realize, yet looking back, I see that I had conflicted feelings about it which did not go away . . .

Also, hosted my Non-Violent Communication group (the half that could make it) at my house tonight and had a fun time meditating/checking in (yes, meditating can be fun! or at least enjoyable), watching NVC videos on you.tube, and playing the NVC card game called "GROK."  My social connection well is full!


Go with Your Gut

Sorry for my absence.  I have felt stuck around the job situation, and in a way not wanted to hold the situation up to the public light.

It seems like I've been incubating it, rolling it around in my mind, as I keep inching forward on multiple fronts.

As of now, I am scheduled to begin the job with the Career Center on Wednesday and have even gone so far as getting my fingerprints taken, TB test done, and HR paperwork signed.  But I'm still not on board.

You see, I was also called for a second interview with a green jobs training/employment program in Berkeley (which would mean no commute!).

During the first interview, I loved the feeling of the organization; it was my kind of place.  And I really liked the people, too.  Looking at their bios, it's no wonder, as we seem to have much in common and, perhaps most importantly, similar values.

This job, too, is federally funded, but it has less than half of the caseload the other one does and seems smaller scale, more team-oriented, less bureaucratic.

I would be doing similar work with the clients, but they all would be part of the green jobs training program, which I'm thinking would be: more centralized and easily managed in terms of connecting with clients; AND an inroad into green career counseling (which is the wave of the future, don't you know).

The problem - and ironically an aspect that makes it a better fit due to caseload - is that it's half-time.

I interviewed for another part-time position, and with the two combined incomes, I could create a sustainable living.  But I haven't heard back from that interview yet.  And I do have more doubts about that job in terms of fit.  Career exploration classes with junior high school students; can you say "scary"?

Every day, I've been scouring the job sites hoping to snag another part-time opportunity, but no luck yet.

Talking to my brother tonight, I asked him if he had been in a similar position - feeling you should do something, yet feeling strong fear - and how he handled it.  He said in situations like that, he tends to "go with his gut."  When he said that, I felt a "yes" inside, and I know that is what I need to do, as well.

But, then, that is scary too!