Taking the Leap

Sorry for the rather crass title of my last post; I guess I was in a feisty mood.

So I was definitely offered the job as Employment Specialist with the One Stop Career Center.

Before I got the call, my plan was to ask for a couple days to think about it.  As the call actually happened, I heard myself saying that, "Yes, I am definitely still interested," and accepting the position.

The next step will be meeting with Human Resources on Monday to complete new hire paperwork and review the benefit package.

Why did I say "yes" when I had so much fear up around this position?

Well, honestly a big part of that answer is the salary, which she quoted as about $10,000 more than I thought I would be hearing.

Also, I really like her (my supervisor) so far, feel a good energy with her, and wanted to keep that going.

If something else comes up or I decide to go in another direction, I can change my mind, but overall it makes sense to me that I go forward for now and give it a try.

Am I still worried about failing?  about half of the job focusing on paperwork, data entry, and reporting requirements?  Yes!  I am!

But there are enough positives to warrant taking the risk: i.e. nice people, compatible supervisory style (from what I can tell), higher salary than I have ever received, and the other half of the job made up of tasks I am good at and enjoy.

Not to mention that I have been out of work for longer than looks good on a resume or in interviews.

There are other options out there but no absolutes yet, so I am taking things as they come and making decisions in the moment based on the information I have.

Does this make sense? I hope so!

The job is scheduled to start after the Fourth of July weekend, July 6th . . .


  1. Congrats! I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful experience for you.

  2. Congratulations!!! This is great news!

  3. Congratulations on the job offer! That's wonderful---and better pay--AWESOME! I hope any reservations you may have disappear soon!

  4. Thanks for the Congrats, everyone!!!
    @Jendo - I hope so too! Thank you.