Job Update

In brief:  Did not take the One Stop job.  Was offered the a-lot-higher-then-I've-ever-been-paid, 10-hour-per-week teaching junior high career exploration classes job and accepted.  Knocked out a second interview with the Green Jobs program today and feel happy with my performance.  Will find out the results at the end of next week.  Happy! :-)

p.s. Looking back, my "Taking the Leap" post was confusingly positive about the One Stop job, I realize, yet looking back, I see that I had conflicted feelings about it which did not go away . . .

Also, hosted my Non-Violent Communication group (the half that could make it) at my house tonight and had a fun time meditating/checking in (yes, meditating can be fun! or at least enjoyable), watching NVC videos on you.tube, and playing the NVC card game called "GROK."  My social connection well is full!

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  1. I'm glad you feel really good about the job choice you made. After all it is SO much harder to go to work if you don't like the job. Hoping the other one works out well also.