Summer of Slither

First the boring job report:  I was hoping to have final news on my second job to share in this post, but unfortunately I have not heard anything back yet.  At the end of the interview last week, they said they would let me know by the end of this week, so that may not be a good sign.

She did request my references last Friday and received them on Monday but has not called them yet (I checked with one of them today).   What do you think that indicates?  I guess I will contact her later on Monday if I haven't heard anything by then.

On the relationship front, Sh/cm and I have continued to see a lot of one another.  We had a bit of drama last week when I went solo to a friend's birthday gathering and one of the guys there was someone I had expressed interest in a few months ago when he attended one of our Interplay performances.

Apparently, K (the birthday girl, one of my Interplay friends, and my NVC group leader) told him at the time but we never connected.  He ended up going out with another one of our Interplay friends, and then I got together with the old flame.

Anyway, that wouldn't be so dramatic except that this guy took a liking to me and had some hopes about asking me out, which he proceeded to express in his NVC men's group, of which sh/cm is a member.  

It's amazing how much someone can apparently read into an elevator ride and walking to a car.

So sh/cm was telling me about this guy and I realized who it was and of course told him, completely triggering him into some old jealousy/mistrust issues.  We finally got it straightened out but it was a pain.

On a happier note, we are going to see the "Snakes and Lizards, Summer of Slither" show at the California Academy of Sciences tomorrow.  I can't wait!

My love affair with lizards goes way back and is half the reason I love to go hiking in the desert.  Also, I should mention I have a lizard tattoo (symbolically representing transformation. . . but also my love of lizards!) on my left inside ankle.

And, finally, a rather large confession: he and I have decided to go "au natural" in the birth control department, as in we have talked about it and decided we would both be okay, more than okay, if our admittedly older eggs/sperm should happen to find one another and unite.

We actually have a conception getaway planned for mid next week. . .

I know it's a bit crazy with the newness and me not having a sustainable income nailed down yet.  But on the positive side, he does well financially as a writer and I do have insurance coverage.

As they say, more shall be revealed. . .


  1. Kristina, sometimes I'm amazed at how much our lives parallel each other. Even though my relationship is still quite new, we've talked about having children together and aren't going to try to prevent a pregnancy. I've been wondering if I should feel freaked out about this, but I'm not. At all.

    I'm very excited about all the wonderful new changes happening in your life. Good luck on the conception getaway! :)

  2. I realized I never responded to you on this, M. I hope you see this response and I'll try and let you know on your blog too. . . anyway, just wanted to say that I think it's so interesting we are both experiencing similar situations with the guys we are with. I so relate to feeling like I should be more concerned or freaked as you mention, but but am not at all - I really think that says a lot about whether it's right for us, regardless of whether it fits the "normal" timeline or expectation. Wondering how you are approaching your ttc efforts, whether you are tracking cycles/ovulation etc.? Good luck to you, too!!