Strange Cycle

I have been doing too much googling and decided I should just write a blog post and see what those of you who have experience with supplements and fertility efforts think.

So as I mentioned, I went on Vitex about a week and a half ago.  I hadn't been taking my temperature but started shortly after that point.  I got a 97.75 mid last week on Cycle Day 9, then a couple around 97.5, then back up to 97.7 for two or three days, then today down to 97.35!  Today is Cycle Day 15, and I never ovulate this late.

Yesterday, I was talking to S trying to figure out what is going on and decided to do an OPK (was going to start doing these next month when we take Femara but hadn't thought we would do them this time).  It came up with a light line, then a second one this morning came up lighter and barely readable.

So my questions are:  How long does it generally take for the second line to fade out on a two-line OPK?  I guess it can vary but wondering about the average range of time.  If you were me would you keep trying to BD for another day or two, until I see a definite raise in my temps?

The 97.7 readings are really throwing me for a loop.  This is at least two tenths higher than my usual highest temps prior to ovulation, but two tenths lower than my usual lowest temps post ovulation!  I've read Vitex can raise temps a bit, and also delay ovulation by a couple of days, so I'm thinking that may be what is happening.  If so, the effects sure kicked in quickly!

I'll take another OPK later today, take my temperature tomorrow, and let you know what happens, as well.  I hope this cycle wackiness evens out by next month.


  1. I wish I knew more about Vitex, but I've never taken it. It certainly doesn't sound as if you've ovulated yet since your temp keeps dropping. I guess I would just chalk it up to a lengthening of your cycle while your body adjusts to it and carry on with the OPKs. Not helpful, I know, but...good luck!

  2. While I never took any of those meds, my temps would be all over the place and never showed when I ovulated. I trust the OPKs more. Keep in mind that the first urine of the day tends to be less diluted, so that could also be why it was darker then. I suppose it won't hurt to BD for two days, could be fun ;)

  3. Vitex can change your cycles. I think it's good to take during natural cycles, while you're prepping for a medicated cycle. It's good for most people. The only downside is that some people won't ovulate during those cycles, using herbs like that. :-( I hope you did ovulate or you're still going to soon. Sometimes a later ovulation can even be a good thing!

    As for OPKs, they can stay light/somewhat dark for awhile. You almost always have some LH in your system. It fluctuates at different times in your cycle. Keep BD and testing/temping just in case! :-)

    Sorry it's a confusing time right now. That's frustrating! Thinking of you!!

  4. I don't have anything insightful since I have not used Vitex. I also found OPKs and temping very confusing, so used the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. Took a lot of guesswork out of natural TTCing.