Guess who showed...

As you might imagine, I got my period yesterday.  I could feel it coming the day prior but still held out a shred of hope.  Longest cycle ever at 33 days.

I was frustrated with myself about not temping the first part of the cyle and then S and I missing the most fertile window.  I understand why we did (my ovulation was several days later than usual and temp pattern was odd), but it's still frustrating.

Oh well, on to the next month.  I'm starting the Femara tomorrow at a dose of 7.5.  I have an appointment Tuesday regarding injectable IUI cycle for the one after that, but I may need to reschedule for later since this cycle was so long.

Thank you for all your support.  It feels good to know you're rooting for me.


  1. Bah. Stupid period. :(

    Good luck with the Femara. I can't remember - is this your first time taking it? Are you still taking Vitex? I recently read that Vitex shouldn't be taken with Clomid (I can't remember the reason, I'm afraid), so maybe look into whether or not it's ok to take with Femara if you haven't already.

    1. Hey Jenny - I've taken it before a few times, but I'm upping the dose from 5 to 7.5. I won't be taking Vitex this cycle because I've read similar things to you... I can't find anything specifically on Femara and Vitex but better to play it safe. Plus I have other reservations about Vitex... though it did seem to give me a SUPER huge ovulation.

  2. I'm sorry, that just sucks. :(

  3. UGH!! :-( I'm so sorry! That really sucks. *hugs*
    I am staying hopeful and ready to cheer you on this cycle!!