Fertility Appointment News

It's almost mid-May!  And here we are in the middle of another cycle.  I have to admit the last one really threw me for a loop.  I was pretty deflated and sad after that BFN... and mad too!  Not mad at anyone, just generally mad at getting jerked around by all those deceptive signs and symptoms.

In retrospect, it was totally the Vitex, and I totally ovulated on Cycle Day 19 - four days after S and last tried.  And we really thought we covered our bases, too, trying a couple of times after I thought I had ovulated.  Then, everything just *looked different* than a normal cycle, so it made me get more and more hopeful... just to crash back down to earth.  I guess I kind of hibernated after that for a while.

But I'm back in the driver's seat and feeling some hope again.  On Tuesday, S and I went to the fertility doc at PFC in San Francisco.  He obviously knew his stuff.  I had to sit through another "Your chances are so low, they are barely on the chart" speeches.  I know they have to give them, so there's no use fighting it.  Afterwards, it did feel good to see him get surprised and excited about the two fat follicles growing on my right ovary (remember how my last doc said I had an awesome right ovary?).  Apparently, I responded quite well to the higher dose of Femara I put myself on (7.5).  I have a smaller one on the left side that he didn't think would likely ovulate.  My total AFC remains similar at around eight.

My next steps are getting a couple blood tests (D and Prolactin) that they want done.  If this cycle doesn't work, then we decided to do one more on that dose of Femara, since the response was so good.  I will add in a trigger shot and an IUI, though.  The following cycle, should we get there, would be an injectable/Menopur cycle.  I just entered the two-week wait for this cycle, though, so I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and I forgot to mention one of the most significant findings:  His ultrasound machine was quite powerful, and he saw that my cervix is like a little obstacle course for S's swimmers.  The fibroid may be pulling/altering it, but basically it is shaped a bit like a corkscrew.  Okay, that just sounds odd and makes one picture a water park slide!  Anyway, that's the word he used, and he also said that there is a right angle to enter the uterus.  Though still possible to navigate, this could be contributing to difficulty in conceiving AND is bypassed by doing an IUI.  Yay to a tiny modicum of control!

I'm running out to do some errands, then S and I are going to our swing dance class tonight.  Tomorrow I have to work registering HS students at my community college - boo! - but only until 2pm.  We plan to take a bike ride in the evening.  I love that the days are getting so much longer!  Hope you all are well.  I've been reading along with those of you who have blogs and commenting when I can.


  1. It sounds like your ovaries are pretty much on par with how mine were/are. And if mine can kick out a good egg, I'm positive that yours can! Good luck with this cycle! :)

  2. Yay for a good consult, and a plan that sounds like it could work! Fingers crossed that you don't need to take that next step.

  3. That sounds really hopeful. It's good to have so much information about what is going on so that know what you are dealing with and that you can plan to overcome the obstacles. FX for this cycle, and at least you know there is an alternative waiting.

  4. Go right ovary! Sounds like you have some great plans in place! I'm glad you are gathering more and more information! Still keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle!!

  5. Sounds promising! Cheering for S's swimmers to kick that corkscrew's ass!

  6. It's always exciting to at least feel like you are getting somewhere with answers! With knowledge comes power! And Swing Dancing class sounds like a blast!