Obsessions avec l'enfant

Ever since I was offered the assignment – which I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow– my mind keeps returning to preparing for a child. It's the only topic that holds my attention and feels exciting right now. The main topics of my current obsession are:

1. Crib bedding: Lots of cute styles out there, but Vintage Circus is not the easiest to find... I did put some gray, blue, and white sheets on my Target wish list to be purchased in March, including stars and elephant patterns. And here are three cute options I found on Etsy:

Cute combo pattern with elephants. But maybe too masculine?
Adorable vintage elephant riding a bicycle sheets.
Love this bed ruffle that I think will go well with vintage circus. But do I really need it? No

2. Prior to the above obsession, I was focused on a rug. The wood floor is not safe or comfortable for a little one and make the room look colder.  Initially, I wanted to get a round striped circus rug, but I decided it had too many colors in it and would clash with the artwork. I spent a lot of time looking on discount rug websites and Target's site. There was a massive sale on at rugs USA.com, so I ended up getting a large rug for around 100 bucks. My sister-in-law loved a zebra striped number, but it would've been several hundred dollars and was not on sale.  It is a little boring, but I think it will go well with the theme and got a lot of great customer reviews for the texture.  What do you think?

3.  There are several other items I've started to look at but am not getting serious about yet, such as a glider or chair for the room, a dresser and changing table or pad, and a highchair.  These are all items that can wait a while however. The main goal right now is to prepare for the final homestudy walk-through, which requires the room be placement ready, and pictures taken of the inside of the house for the family book, including the kids room.  Thus, my focus on getting the room put together right now.

4.  The final area of obsession is more psychological and social… I have been thinking a lot about the demands of being a mother, how my life will change, and what social connections would be fun and practical to develop once I have a child.  I have shared on this blog about meeting with local SMC's, and I attended another really great gathering a couple weeks ago. It was in San Francisco. My new Eastbay SMC friend and I carpooled over together and met a lot of friendly, welcoming, smart SF SMC women and their little kids. Since most of the kids were two or under, it was a great window on what I will be experiencing soon, hopefully.  Most of them were IVF kids, so most of them were boys, and there was lots of activity!

I was super excited to talk with two of the women who had adopted babies from the Marshall Islands. I totally fell in love with this one little baby, and immediately wanted to expand my adoption parameters to include Micronesian babies, especially since I know these two women now and could stay connected to a community in San Francisco for both my and my kid's benefit. It may be a moot point and only relevant to international adoptions. In any case, it was a great gathering, and I've been thinking about how my social circle will necessarily expand and change when I have a child. In addition to SMC connections, I can see spending a lot more time with my friend K and his wife who have a baby now. How did your social circle change after you had a child?


  1. I love that rug. It looks like one my sister in law owns, and it's very soft and perfect for her 1yo daughter to crawl or walk around on. I say, if you want something like a crib ruffle, put it on your list. There are a lot of things I wanted with the first that I didn't get, but that I am getting this time, even though I may not "need" it.

    I think being in a "mom" community is an awesome side effect of having children. My only suggestion is to make sure you're in a community that supports all types of mothers; that they aren't going to judge you based on where your child came from, how you feed your child, how your child sleeps, etc. Moms are moms are moms, and we should be supportive of each other regardless of personal parenting decisions that work best for our families.

    :) xo

  2. Have you ever seen the John Lennon Real Love crib bedding set? It's not exactly vintage circus but it is quite gender neutral and very precious. Email me if you like that set enough to consider it. jacriswell@verizon.net (I'm a lurker :0) )

  3. Love the rug! Having a kid has helped me expand my social circle. I live in a very family oriented small city and being single/childless I did not have much in common. Now I have met several Moms - none are SMC, but are either divorced, or happily married....and its been really nice!

  4. That's great to hear, Sunflower. I hope it expand my social circle too. I can imagine having a lot more in common with other moms/parents once the child comes.