Lots happening and lots to do

I participated in my first Petaluma community event yesterday, which is called Butter and Eggs Day, in reference to Petaluma's farming roots.There was a parade and I rode on the decorated hay wagon truck as part of my college's entry. There were staff with their kids, as well as students mostly dressed in graduation caps and gowns. Everybody in Petaluma and many beyond Petaluma came out for the event and I had a great time. I got to know one of my students a little better who was riding next to me, and on the other side was my supervisor and her two young boys who were super cute and involved. I bought a small bucket of freshly cooked fried chicken (I shared!) to start the event off, then later got snowcones with my supervisor and her kids. Yum!

 As this event implies, I'm feeling more comfortable in my newer job and have an increased sense of competence and belonging. The bad news there is that there is current budgetary uncertainty for the summer, so I'm not sure what if any hours I'll get for June and July. Fingers crossed.

I have three pieces of good news to report, however: First, after being called in for an interview at the College of Marin – which is next-door to my nonprofit in Larkspur, about 30 minutes from my new home – I received the thrilling call that I was hired as an adjunct counselor! I don't know whether I'll have summer or fall hours yet, but it's wonderful to not just depend on one college for counseling hours. Also, the College of Marin is smaller and seems like a fun department, as well as having handy proximity to my nonprofit. Oh, and I can have eight more hours a week at the nonprofit this summer if I want… Of course they pay considerably less.

Second, I landed a new (phone) client for 1000 bucks! This gets me partway there to covering less hours or time off in summer. I also changed my Meetup group location to Petaluma and plan to have a Meetup sometime in the next month, in hopes of landing another client or two. There is reasonably-priced office space to rent here, too, like I was doing previously.

Third, my townhome complex manager, after I assertively reminded her of her promise, was able to schedule my washer/dryer enclosure to be built next week. Woo hoo! The weather has turned nice and sunny finally, but  I was still worried about my washer and dryer being out in the elements. 

In addition to landing summer work, my plate is chock-full of to-do's, it seems. Feel free to skip this next action step section, but I find it helpful to list intended actions on my blog to reference and, in a way, hold me accountable. My current to-do's or action steps:

Adoption action steps 
  1. Research child care in Petaluma
  2. Put together crib and hang decals/art on the wall
  3. Purchase a changing table or use the table I have with a changing pad
  4. Find a small children's dresser in white or red
  5. Complete CPR class Second Saturday in May 
  6. Fill out replacement forms for Homestudy
  7. Make a visitation appointment with the social worker for end of May
  8. Prior to the appointment, make sure safety latches on necessary drawers and cabinets and medicine lockbox is working  
Home actions. Except for unpacking, which I'd like to finish up in the next week or two, none of these have a set timeline 
  1. Finish unpacking few boxes downstairs
  2. Unpack bags and suitcases in my room
  3. Hang art
  4. Buy bathroom rug, towel bar, and hooks for bathroom and bedroom
  5. Re-finish blue end tables or paint myself - new handles
  6. Get a vanity table and chair for bedroom
  7. New mattress for me
  8. Buy new dog bed for Zoey

Per last post, actions to get involved in meaningful activities locally: 
  1. Start going to farmers market Saturday afternoons
  2. Attend swing dance workshop and dance in May
  3. Try out a new church every first Sunday of the month until find one that clicks
  4. Attend upcoming local activism fair/tabling event -  contact and attend meeting for local political organization or closest transition town group

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  1. Great news on the work front! It sounds like things are on an upswing for you. :) So glad to hear it.