Labor Day Progress

Happy Labor Day!

I am feeling excited for Mo at Life and Love in the Petri Dish because she is now getting clearly positive HPTs!  A lot of resources and emotion have gone into her journey, and I am happy that her little one may get a sibling!

After I finish this post, I will get ready and head out to meet S at a park to watch a free production of King Lear.  I don't love Shakespeare, to be honest, though I can recognize it's worth, but it's outdoors and we will be sipping wine and relaxing, so I think overall it will be a good time.  Then, we will stroll over to have dinner in the neighborhood near the park.  I thought about bringing Zoey, but neither of us have been to this park, so I don't know whether there will be trees or posts to tie her to, which is key to a lengthy event like this.

S and I had some more conversation in the last few days about the possibility of dating again.  We have talked about different lifestyle choices and taken action to get more on the same page.  It's so strange when I take a step back and consider where we are right now.  I would have NEVER thought we would get back together.  I was truly and surely finished, which is why I ignored his first two attempts over the last year to communicate with me.

But I do believe he has "woken up" to a couple of the key issues that painfully destroyed the love we had for each other and finally broke us apart two years ago this November.  His acknowledgement of his "stirring the pot" around exes and shift in his view of what loyalty and commitment look like is huge.  Then, his work on getting control of his anger and, from a cognitive-behavioral lens, changing his viewpoint when he is emotionally triggered by my actions, is also a giant change.  So far, knock on wood, we have been able to talk through anything that has come up for either of us in a mature way, like two adults.  Imagine that!  It does feel very grown up, here at our ripe old ages of 55 and 46.  ha!

Also, I don't want to go into it today, but S has recently had a health scare and I am helping him with a couple of things.  This brought up fear of losing him and also a true desire to help him the way he helped me with my fibroid surgery, even after we had broken up.  So that has been a factor in bringing us closer, I think.

More shall be revealed, but I'm feeling some optimism today and look forward to spending time together this afternoon and evening.

Oh, even though my housemate has continued to be caustic at times, we did have another talk on Friday that released some tension, and, considering the landlord now says he has no plans to sell anytime in the foreseeable future, I may end up moving into this house on a more long-term basis.  I will likely decide when I hear back from him on a couple questions, including the lease, in the next day or two. 

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  1. So much positive energy in your life right now!