OMG, I am so frustrated today! For one thing I was woken up by freakin' house builders readying the outside for the work they'll do on the bathroom this afternoon. It's work that needs to get done, but hammering and power tools is not a great alarm clock or background noise. I'm leaving in a few minutes to work out. I have an interview this afternoon with the brain injury support organization. Seems like a really good "for now" part-time opportunity, and I do hope I get it. But that adds to the stress, of course. Plus leaving for Oregon tomorrow. Plus I *still* haven't started my cycle! I asked my doctor via email and she said her guess was, wait for it, perimenopause. ha Well, I guess it probably is but it's so strange when you experience symptoms you've never experienced in your life. It's also continuing to delay my scheduling the saline sonogram. sigh. Well, better run, thanks for listening to my vent.


  1. Peri-menopause is the probable culprit...but have you POS? I know it will most likely come back negative. If I were in your shoes I would need to rule an unexpected pregnancy entirely, my mind wouldn't rest until I saw that negative test.

  2. Ugh -- I know that stress can usually play havoc with one's cycle. Hope it comes soon so you can get your test done.

  3. I'm sorry about your frustrations. :( I hope that your trip brings you some relaxation and peace.