It occurs to me that there is some irony in the opposing efforts to spay Zoey and knock me up.  Our family is going different directions in this arena.  Strange but true. 

First, the update on Zoey:  So, yeah, poor Zoester's been recovering from this minor surgery since last Friday.  I had to give her light sedative this week because she is normally one rambunctious little pup.  I think she's healing quite well, though, and will have her frisky back in time for our first training class this Saturday morning. 

I'm looking forward to the class, which has quite a strong reputation, but am also a little nervous.  She gets so excited with new people, and dogs, well, they just send her overboard.  I have a feeling that keeping her attention may be a challenge, to say the least. 

I hope when all is said and done that she will be a bit more comfortable and "socialized" with both man and beast.  Additionally, I hope to come away with some fun and helpful new tricks to work on together.

Regarding my efforts toward knocked-up-ness, I retook my creatinine/kidney test this week.  The values had come back a bit off, likely due to illness/dehydration.  Luckily, the second test was A-Okay!  So, the doctor went ahead in prescribing me Metformin (apparently Metformin puts a bit of additional strain on the kidneys), and I've started taking it.  No noticeable change in my DHEA irritable reactiveness yet, but here's hoping.  Please, God, may I avoid the mid-section expansion, as well - unless it's related to pregnancy!

I also had a more high-tech, detailed ultrasound today, per my doctor's request.  I guess the regular ones in her office are not as good, and she likes to start with awesome ultrasound pics.  From what the tech said, everything was fine and there were no new surprises.  She showed me an already-ovulated large follicle on the right ovary that measured about 20mm, so that must have been the subject of the, "You're right ovary looks GREAT!" comment. :)  She saw my fibroid and agreed with others that it's location should not be interfering with anything.

My temps went fully up on Tuesday and fertility friend shows conception chances as, "Good," but we all know how much (little) they really know. 

With the comments some of you made about birth control pills "rebooting" your body, and the hysteroscopy finding fibroids, etc., I'm feeling more positive about getting this test next month.  Plus it will give the DHEA a chance to kick in.

Thanks for your supportive comments, btw: they are much appreciated!  S and I have counseling tomorrow, and will also be seeing Ar.go and attending our swing dance class.  It should be a fun, full day!

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