Another Fail and Regrouping

As I thought would happen, the spotting got heavier last night, and this morning became full flow.  I cried on the phone with S this morning and made him share his feelings, too, though he was trying to steer clear of them.

The way my period started with so much dark spotting etc. over an entire day was very strange.  I so wish I could know exactly what happened - i.e. conception occurred but implantation failed due to egg quality.  That's what I think happened, but I'd like to know.  The obligatory pregnancy test this morning was stark white.

I'm drinking coffee right now and plan to indulge in multiple glasses of wine at the fundraising dinner we are attending later.

As mentioned, S's birthday was yesterday.  "Happy Birthday to You - this cycle didn't work!" right?  But I did have fun buying him a couple of cool, new shirts and making a chocolate birthday cake.  We are going to celebrate later before the dinner.

This morning, I put a call into the fertility center and am awaiting their callback.  We plan to do an unmedicated IUI cycle, with a trigger shot, in consideration of my difficult cervix and to take advantage of the possible "fertility bump" after doing a medicated cycle.

Any thoughts on whether I should take progesterone the entire luteal phase?  Progesterone supplements do not like me much, and the feeling is mutual.  I'm also curious what my natural progesterone response is at this point.  I'm thinking to maybe wait a week after ovulation, then test the level and go from there...


  1. Have you tried Vitex - or chaste berry instead of progesterone? My body hated progesterone too, but I have had no symptoms at all with vitex.

  2. I am so sorry, Kristina :-( It is so disappointing. Sending lots of care your way.

  3. I have no thoughts on the progesterone. I have always taken it. :-( I'm sorry that this cycle didn't work. It sucks.

  4. I'm so sorry :-( My heart goes out to you. *hugs* I think it's a nice idea to try naturally. I've heard of the "bump" you can get, especially after a cycle with multiple follicles. I'm not sure what advice to give on progesterone. It would be good to know where your level is naturally. Keep us posted. Thinking of you!

  5. I'm so sorry that this cycle didn't work out. :(

    I'm not sure what to suggest about the progesterone. If you have a short luteal phase, I would think that it would be best for you to start progesterone shortly after ovulation, but I'm sure your RE would be able to advise you better on that.

  6. So sorry sweetie. Enjoy the wine.

  7. I'm so sorry Kristina :(

    Out of curiosity, have you tried DHEA? It seems to be the best supplement for DOR issues.

    1. Hi Jay - Yes, I've been on DHEA since last December. I was on it for a few months in 2011 when we were trying, too. My Kaiser doc told me it's the only way she's ever seen women over 40 get pregnant - pretty strong statement! She herself got pregnant at 44...

  8. I am so sorry Kristina, This crap sucks. For some people it is so easy. I have to say I am very jealous of those people. I am going to keep you in my prayers!!!!!