Coming to an end...

...of my journey with injectable cycles.  This will be my last one in the foreseeable future.  Studies show not much benefit for women my age anyway.  More success has been seen with natural cycles or, I think, even Femara.  I really hope to catch the "bump" cycle following this one (assuming this one doesn't work!) with an IUI this time.  If you remember, we missed our IUI on the last "bump" cycle due to our DC travel plans.

My temperatures have been gradually dropping the last couple mornings, so I'm assuming AF will arrive today or tomorrow.  Fertility Friend indicates I'm at 13dpo, but in my opinion I could also be at 12dpo.  I usually start my cycle on 13dpo.  Once it starts, I will go in for my first monitoring appointment the following day, and the ride will begin!

In our Tuesday phone consult, which confirmed we will be using the same protocol as the last injectable cycle, I asked the doctor about embryo donation sites and will probably begin checking those out.  S and I have had a couple of preliminary conversations about this, and we both seem open to it.  I feel good about the way things are going lately with us.  Trip to Oregon planned for the weekend of September 14th.  More to share on that later.


  1. I had the embryo adoption talk with my clinic this week. I honestly don't think my husband will ever be on board with it though. I was very surprised on just how affordable it is!

    Wishing you the best in whatever path your choose going forward.

  2. There are embryo matching sites liks Jen at Me, Myself, & Twins used to find her babies. Then some clinics have their own programs. That was the best route for me because of my age, single status, etc. I had tried Embryos.Waiting but I was not a "marketable commodity" there.

    1. Thanks, Nell. I asked my current clinic, and they said their program is only available to women who have done IVF cycles with them. :( I'm not sure about Kaiser but will ask them once I'm on that plan again. I'm not sure S and I will look great, since we're not married yet, plus the age thing. We have a lot of love and time to give, and you always hope someone values that the most!

  3. I love the idea of embryo adoption - but so hope that you don't need to go that route because you finally get your BFP with your next cycle!

  4. Good luck with your cycle, and glad that you are looking at other options as well.