What is going on here?

I'm posting this in case it's happened to any of you or you know of it happening to someone...

Basically, I am five or six days late for my period. I've had a little - sorry for TMI - dark spotting but no red blood. I felt a little cramping (very light) a couple of times before the spotting followed later. My breasts have been sore since the weekend, also.

Before anyone gets excited, it's been over month and a half since S and I broke up. And I had a period at the very start of May. It was a somewhat lighter period and maybe a day shorter but still, a full period with - again sorry for TMI - cramping and full flow but not tissue that I can remember, which I usually do notice. So, of course, I'm googling bleeding while pregnant, etc.

But the rational part of me, knowing my age and the odds considering S was still on chemo pills, believes this to likely be about hormone-imbalance or peri-menopause. It's just never happened before, so it definitely raises my curiosity. Any thoughts or experience you're willing to share?

*As soon as I post this, I bet I start my cycle...


  1. So, honestly I've heard stranger "I'm pregnant?!?!" tales. The easy way to put your mind at ease is to grab a pregnancy test. Like you said it's highly unlikely that you are pregnant but why drive yourself crazy when a solid answer is a drugstore trip away?

  2. I agree. Get a stick and pee on it! If you've ever watched I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, you'll know that a shocking number of women go through period-like bleeds while pregnant. Yes, it's most likely whacky hormones, but stranger things have happened...

    (For the record, what you're describing with the cramping, dark spotting, and sore breasts is what I experienced with both my pregnancies.)