Drive by post - Green Light! Here we go!

We finally got the go-ahead yesterday to start estrogen and lovenox for our FET cycle. Whoopee!!! Cyst had shrunk again to 1.7cm, and I guess that was small enough.

The doctor directed us to start meds immediately, as in last night, so we jumped on the train in lightning-quick time. The lovenox shot was not too bad, but it definitely involves injecting a lot more liquid than the lupron, so I felt a little soreness as it was going in. It faded pretty quickly, though.

Our new calendar says lining check on the 21st and transfer on the 29th, so we're still in January! As a bonus, I get to start my new Circle @nd Bloom meditations for the stim part of the cycle. Just in time, as I was growing quite weary of the suppression sessions. Feeling very excited and hopeful!