Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Eeeeek!!!  I'm freaking out a bit so please excuse this random post about signs and symptoms.

So I felt some pulsing sensations in my lower right abdomen on Thursday - oddly right in the middle of my work team meeting at the college.

Last night I felt ravenous and literally devoured a can of smoked oysters.  It's not odd for me to eat oysters, but the way I devoured them was strange.

I've had really wild, intense dreams the past few night with archetypal images like dogs, horses, food (lots of food - dessert and chocolate), and family members.  Last night had lots of little kids, including my sister and her daughter J, although they were siblings in the dream.  I was responsible for the kids and keeping track of them but they were running all over or something.

Then, today, something tangible:  I have pink spotting!  Which I've had before, as you might recall, but it was always later in the cycle.  And it only happened two or three times, on cycles where I had been trying and likely implantation did start to happen.

Finally, the last crazy obsessive point I'll make here today:  the online psychic I emailed with a few months ago said she saw a girl born in "December of 2012."  Actually, she said I would either conceive in December of 2011, which clearly was a bust, or have the baby in December of 2012.

Thanks for listening to my wacky thoughts!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


  1. Happy St Patty's Day. And these symptoms sound really promising. Good luck!!!

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. When do you test?

    1. Thanks, Jenny! Well, I'm going in on Monday for a pre-scheduled 21-day progesterone test. I wonder if they'd do a preg test then? If prog is low, I'm hoping to start supplementation right away.... then probably test Wed or Thurs?

  3. Sounds VERY promising! I've got my fingers crossed for a little luck 'o the Irish for you!

  4. very exciting - it sounds promising! Fingers crossed for a BFP!!

  5. Fingers crossed!

  6. WOW! These all sound like awesome signs, Kristina! Thinking good thoughts for you!!!