Update and a Tale of Two Conferences

Oops, I let a week go by without posting.  I think at some level I didn't want to follow-up on that last overly-enthusiastic post.  Needless to say, there is no good news.  Oddly, my progesterone test, which had already been scheduled for that next Monday, came out negligible.  Which likely means I hadn't even ovulated, let alone been pregnant.

Why did I start my cycle so early then, and why was it so different than usual?  Who knows?  I'm sad and frustrated that both I and S were put through that whole thing.  Such are the benefits of ttc at this point, I guess.  Looking forward to my doc appointment on the 2nd.

My work conference this week was great, and at dinner a couple of nights ago the Director of my department indicated she would try and find me hours at the college next year through the Perk.ins grant.  Very exciting!  S got to stay with me at the hotel in South SF, which was really nice.  We discovered the joy of room service - chocolate lava cake, yummmm.

And last night, I started the weekend Economics of Happ.iness Conference in Berkeley.  Lots of amazing speakers, including Jo.anna Macy and Charles Eisen.stein.  I'm volunteering and doing some tabling for Transition Towns, as well.

All in all, after a crappy start, it's turning out to be an enriching week.


  1. I'm sorry that you didn't get that BFP - or even the ovulation at least. I hope next month is more (re)productive for you. The conferences sound great. I love when conferences actually give you information and keep you engaged :)

  2. The conferences sound great. I am glad that S and you are at a comfortable place. I'm glad you have a doc appointment to get ideas about the changes in your cycle, etc.

  3. Sorry about the lack of ovulation and having to go through the hope of getting a BFP. It sucks! But I am glad you got tested and hopefully on your Dr's appt will get you the answers you are looking for and next steps. Have you had your FSH and AMH tests done?

    The conference sounds amazing, and glad to hear that things are going well with S :-)