A Ball of Nerves

I think my cycle will be starting today!  Temperature dropped, cramping is underway.  Why am I feeling nervous?  To be accurate, I'm feeling both nervous AND excited.  Maybe it's nervous excitement...

I counted all my medicine and paraphernalia last night, and I'm all set there.  I actually have enough for two more cycles, which is what I'm hoping I'll be able to do.

Once I saw where things were going this morning, I called the doctor's office and am waiting to hear back.  I think I would come in today if my cycle starts... or I could go in tomorrow if they have Saturday hours.  Once they confirm I'm ready to go (no cysts etc.), then I'll pick up my Femara prescription and start the Doxycycline.  Order my vial of Donor #1.

Thank you all, by the way, for your input.  Reflecting on and discussing it with you on the blog helped me to feel more confident in my choice.  It's definitely an individual choice; no "right" or "wrong," just right for me.  A big factor for me was the education levels in his family.  More of his relatives had gone to college, and his brother attended graduate school.  It's strange, this certainly wouldn't be a topic about which I'd ask a date, and, in my own family, my maternal grandparents didn't go to college.  I guess I do value it, though.  And then, there was the baby picture.  It is so cute and endearing.  And a few other little things, like that sweet answer to why he's donating.  So, #1 it is.

My middle school teaching gig is starting next week, too, and I'm less than enthused.  I talked with my Dean and this is the last year I will be doing this grant, so there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  After next year, I will continue part-time at that college, working with college students and doing some high school matriculation counseling, as well.  I'm still hoping to get brought on at another college much nearer to where I live, as well, but the person I'm depending on to get my information to the right people is a bit of a flake.  I'm continuing to be persistent, though.

Off now to a career counseling appointment.  I'm making an effort to settle down and put on my calm, professional hat.  Wish me luck!


  1. Wishing you lots of luck with everything! :)

  2. finally catching up with blogs... good luck! I am really excited for you!

  3. Good luck!!! I really hope you don't need the extra cycle meds because this will be THE ONE!

  4. Sending you so many positive thoughts!!! <3 I'm excited for you. Keep us posted!

  5. EEK! So much excitement!! Will be thinking of you and sending lots of positive energy your way!!