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Just a few more days until this cycle starts! I had blood drawn today for my progesterone and thyroid tests. My progesterone came back about 12, which is on the low side. I'm glad I'll be supplementing. Haven't received my thyroid level yet. The results are early enough that I could switch things up my dosage, so I'm more interested in that one.

I'm firming things up on the donor front and am likely going to choose the same guy. I thought I'd share some more information about him, as well as the second choice, to see if you have a different perspective.

Sooo, bullet points on first, likely candidate #1:

  • Identity-Release: Yes 
  • Current occupation: Video Game Artist
  • Height: Over 6'
  • Weight: About 225
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Body type: Medium (hmm, but it said "large frame")
  • Ethnic origin: Dutch, English, German, Scottish, Irish
  • Baby photo available: Yes
  • Why do you want to be a donor?: He admitted part of it was to pay down loans, but also said he thought if people worked so hard to become parents, they would likely be good ones.  Sweet, right?
  • What are your special interests and talents?: Said he's right brained and creative, including drawing and painting.  Loves music (plays instruments) and animals.
Bullet points on second candidate #2:

  • Identity-Release: Yes
  • Current occupation: Motorcycle Mechanic (maybe this isn't so exciting, but he's also an artist and loves helping people achieve their goals)
  • Height: 5’ 11’’
  • Weight: about 175
  • Hair color: blond
  • Eye color: blue
  • Body type: medium
  • Ethnic origin: Swedish, German, Scottish, Irish
  • Baby photo available: no
  • He said people describe him as thoughtful, caring and compassionate.  Loves dogs and motorcycles.  And that he's reliable and helps others.
  • Designs and constructs art.  Skilled mechanic and enjoys outside activities. 
  • Why do you want to be a donor?: To help others achieve their goals.
  • He said he had dyslexia, which he completely overcame and graduated from college.  Said some sensitive things about learning disabilities.  But maybe dyslexia, genetically, is a negative.
It's definitely a positive for me that #1 has a baby pic, which I've seen, which is super cute.

#2 is Rh-, which matches me. They say this doesn't matter in terms of pregnancy rates, so maybe it's just psychological, but I feel like this somehow makes us more "compatible."

They both have freckles, which I love. :-)


*Update: Received thyroid result and it's 5.2 on a Standard Range of .10 - 5.50. Hell!


  1. Personally, there is something that is appealing about #1. I think it's probably his height.

    As for as Rh factor. If you go with a donor that is positive, you will have to get injections to keep your body from developing antibodies that could "attack" the blood in a future pregnancy and there is an increased risk of the baby having jaundice. They may actually make you get the injections just because you are negative.

    1. Yes... and I've actually been pregnant twice before, the latest a miscarriage quite a few years ago. Both times I was given a shot, but part of me worries that what if it wasn't soon enough and my body developed antibodies?

      No worries about "future" pregnancies - one will be plenty for me if I can get there!

    2. Yea, my friend is RH - and has to get the Rhogam shot no matter if her husband is RH - as well. Because of that, they never even tested! She also had a miscarriage first, then got pregnant again (after the shot) and all was ok. They give it to you twice during pregnancy anyway, so don't worry about that!

  2. I like 1, also - I think it's his reason for donating that makes me like him.

    Blech on your TSH - I hope you're going up on your dose!

    1. Yes, total blech! I've been alternating 175 MCG and 150 MCG but will switch to 175 every day. I've sent an email to the doctor asking if she thinks I should go to an even higher dose. Before, my results were quite low, around .2, when I was on 175 but I wonder if any of the supplements I'm taking (like myo-inositol and COQ10) could affect thyroid...

  3. Both sound good, but I'm leaning toward #2. Mechanic and artist - that's my kind of guy.

    1. Sorry signed in under the wrong blog - this is SurlyMama. Attempting to write a post for my bike blog, but I'm getting distracted.

  4. I know nothing about this but you mentioned that you wanted comments, so...I'm going to vote for #2. Mechanics are sexy and good with their hands. ;-)

    Plus, I think it says a lot that he persevered to get his college degree despite having dyslexia.

    1. hehe Thanks, Nancy. :) I do like the perseverence. I think the education part for #1 and his family win out over 2 though so I think I'm still leaning toward 1...

  5. Hi from ICLW...I leaned more to #1 since he had the baby picture and I like big guys...did #1 go to college?

    1. Hi infertilitydoessuck! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, #1 does have a college degree. :)

  6. Hi from ICLW...I'd vote for #1 as well. Good luck making your decision!