Checking in and Work Drama

Checking in with a short post this morning, as I'm off to go running soon before acupuncture.

Man, the title of my last post was so depressing!  "Final Curtain"?  Why did I want to utter those words?  I feel yucky looking at them now.  But it was the way I was feeling.  On further reflection, as I wrote to Mo in comments, I would rephrase this next cycle as my, "hail mary for the immediate future."

I'm getting excited for my doctor's appointment next week.  Do any of you have suggestions about what questions to ask her?  I want her to closely consider my last cycle and all the testing I've done.  Am I alone in feeling like sometimes doctors just skim prior records?  Hopefully, with her reputation, she's going to be thorough.

Other happenings:
  • I haven't been blocking my time that well, as I talked about trying to do in a previous post.  But I've been hula hooping more :-), and a couples dance class is still on my radar.  In addition, I've been spending a good amount of time on this new job and locating host families for international students.  One of our families cancelled at the last minute, so I'm scrambling to find one more home.
  • I'm super psyched about three career counseling clients I'm working with now on my own!  More about this in another post.
  • I made awesome zucchini bread yesterday!  Yummy with coconut oil on it versus butter.  We have zucchinis coming out our ears right now.  Tomatoes are starting to come in too.
  • Drama at my college job this week.  Several counselors left for various reasons and our Dean put out a desperate plea for counselor referrals.  I was thinking about who I might refer, but experiencing resistance.  I realized, "Hey!  I want that job!"
A bit of a longer story on that fourth bullet... Feel free to skip... So, I talked to the lead counselor with whom I've been training/working, and she encouraged me.  Then, I talked to my current middle school grant supervisor.  Did not go over well, as I guess I'm more integral to her program plans than I thought I was (the silver lining is the feeling of being wanted!).  Politics is alive and well in the college arena, as I watched my hopes be dashed in a meeting by our Dean, who was clearly looking out for my supervisor.  The Dean relies a lot on her, as she oversees several other grants, as well.

It was uncomfortable and stressful, but I think in the long run, it was the right decision to talk directly to my supervisor.  Now it's out in the open, and, once she digested the situation, she talked about how she could help me move over to the college side of things within the next year if that's what I wanted.

I don't like talking to people about topics that might cause conflict or that might make them unhappy with me.  I think talking to her directly showed respect, however, which she appreciated.  It also relieved pressure of unspoken (but known on some level by everyone) feelings and desires operating beneath the surface.

Okay, this post wasn't that short!  Thanks for your support around my last post, I appreciate it.  If any of you know about specific international IVF programs that you've heard recommended, I'd love to hear from you.  Just curious and exploring.


  1. I am sending you some love and positive thoughts! I'm excited to see where your IVF possibilities go!!!

  2. Good luck with your appt next week.

    I am glad you spoke with your supervisor. Sometimes its good to have such conversations and now she knows what your interests are for the future and can hopefully help you get there.

    Your veggie garden sounds fab. Post some pictures sometime :-)

  3. I'm psyched about your appt! I know, it seems like they do skim over everything :-( Don't be afraid to be pushy :-) I think some doctors must think I act like a know-it-all LOL. I can be very demanding, which surprises me because I'm not like that otherwise. The thing I usually stress to doctors is that I've tried A LOT and I've had good responses, but nothing is happening....so what can we do or add to possibly make it successful.

    Ugh, sorry about the drama! I hope things will improve in the future. Everything else sounds good though :-)

    Oh, and there's a girl I know through blogging who is doing international IVF. kimfreitas.blogspot.com

  4. Oh and this girl is about to do IVF in the Czech Republic http://singulardesire.blogspot.com/. I think she even had a post a while back where she posted all her research and pros/cons of differnt international IVF places. I think she may be DE though.

  5. It was courageous to talk to your supervisor. It may not have turned out ideally, but you know you are wanted and that's a great confidence booster!

    Have you ever considered ivf in Canada? We have some great places and it could be cheaper (travel wise) than going to Europe or other!

    Good luck with your appointment! Can't wait to hear about it!