Work Changes and Puppy News

Friday, Friday... Lot's of stuff happened this week with work; mainly, I had a conversation with
our Department Dean at the college.

I should back up and say that I had a talk with my immediate supervisor last week, and she suggested I should start transitioning out of the middle school grant, since it wasn't what I really wanted to do and now would be the best time to do that for the grant.  This was a bit of a shock.  If you recall, when we had the conversation a couple months ago about the possibility of working more hours at the college, which was very much needed at the time, she protested and said the timing was horrible and they couldn't make the necessary staffing changes. So, I agreed to stay for this school year.  I thought we both agreed to that.

Well, either she "forgot" or that isn't what she understood.  I reminded her of what I understood as our agreement.  She said she wasn't going to insist on the change but that the change would need to happen in the next few months, versus at the end of the school year, for grant timing purposes.  I said I'd need to check out whether there still might be additional hours on the college side and asked if I could let her know this week, which she agreed to.  Sooo, back to my convo with the Dean... She said she could raise my hours from six to 10 for this semester and implied possibly more after that (counselors can only work16 hours total in this district).

I'm left feeling a mixture of feelings.  Excited to hopefully begin transitioning out of middle school teaching, but worried about stability and possibly losing hours.  I was looking forward to a bump in income with the new intl. coordinator job and increased hours with the college.  This could bring me back to where I was, at least for this semester. Thanks for reading this far if you've stayed with me!  I'm going to contact my supe today, and say I'm willing to start transitiong out but would like to continue working at least half the hours until the holidays.  I'm going to trust that my college hours will increase next semester.  I'm also going to intensify my search again for another part time counseling gig and start outreach for more career counseling clients.  I've got my business cards and website, now I just need people to see them!

On the Zoey puppy front, she's growing like a weed!  I'll post more pictures soon.  My computer cord died, so I'm limited to iPhone posting right now.  Guess what?  I've taught her how to sit!  She's super smart, folks! :-) no bias here! Ha. She fetches like a champion, too, and does this cute thing when I tell her to "settle" where she relaxes in my arms with her head kind of lolled to the side. Super cute.  My life continues to feel much more full and fast-paced since I got her.  I need to write a post about some insights I've had about being authentic that relate to relationships, too.  She's teaching me stuff for sure!

I've been keeping up with blogs but have not been able to post as much due to computer sitch.  I will return to more commenting soon.  Hope you all have an awesome weekend!  Tomorr


  1. Good luck with the changes in your work schedule. Wishing you the best and that everything goes as planned.

    Can't wait for more puppy pics. :)

  2. Really hoping that the work situation turns out for the best and that you're not looking at decreased hours.

    That's so cute that you've taught Zoey to "settle." Can't wait to seem more pictures!

  3. Good luck with work changes! That puppy seems so cute!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. I hope for the best for you with work, that sounds extremely stressful to not know what is happening semester to semester. But hopefully, you can do more counseling since it sounds like more what you would like to do...My puppy (now 4 year old lab mix) has taught me so much, unconditional love, joy and her enthusiasm for life are just a few. I hope yours is very good for your soul, sounds very sweet!!

  5. I hope it all works out well with work.

    Zoey sounds adorable - I can't wait to see more pictures!