Yes, but what does it MEAN?

I will write more later but wanted to post the message I just received from my doctor.  It is full of objective information but no guidance or application of that information to pregnancy odds.  I'm posting in hopes you will give me your thoughts or share any knowledge you have about this type of fibroid and potential negative impacts of it compressing the cavity.  Thanks!
p.s.  yes, I survived my second MRI with the help of an awesome tech and being able to tilt my head up and look out the end of the tube.

RE: MRI Results - available all day Thursday by cell phone for your call
To: Kristina
From: MD
Received: 2/13/2013 11:37 PM PST


  1. Admittedly, I am left scratching my head on that one. Hopefully others will have some insight for you, but I also hope you'll call them and ask for more details!

  2. I believe s posterior fibroid means its on the back of your uterus. And while he says its large he also said you can have a laproscopic myomectomy, which means its small enough to be removed that way. From my limited understanding if it doesn't enter the cavity it won't prevent a fertilized egg from attaching, but because it does depress it, there's less room for baby and could lead to preterm labor.

    As far as the polyps I think there removal is rather simple and straight forward with very limited recovery. I had one removed in my 20s and I don't even think I missed work. Of course I wasn't trying to get pregnant at the time so I have no idea how it would have effected TTC.

    I also had a large fibroid tumor that was on the fundal part of my uterus, it didn't enter the uterus but come within mm if doing so. I had to have a full abdominal myomectomy to remove it prior to TTC. That was in 10/2010. I began TTC in 1/2011, and got pregnant in 5/2011. Every doctor is different in how long they suggest you wait after surgery. And I was required to have a c-section because it was on the fundal part. If you do choose to have a myomectomy because yours is posterior they may allow you to have a vaginal birth.

    I would talk to your doctor about the options and even get a second opinion. I know many women who have had healthy pregnancies with fibroid tumors.

    1. Thanks, SM, I appreciate your experience and input. I will be getting a second opinion... the taking several months off part does not sound at all good at this point... :(

  3. SurlyMama's response is great above.

    I too had fibroids found during the saline test prior to IVF. I had several (non symptomatic) and they were all submucosal so basically in the uterine wall and comprimisng the cavity by bulging into it. But due to the size and how many there were (think 4-5) they did not recommend doing IVF without their removal. The esterogen taken during stimming and when pregnant causes them to grow even bigger and can lead to pre-term labor.

    I had a robotic myomectomy done in Feb 2011. The biggest fibroid (size of a golf ball) was on the top (fundus) of the uterus and unfortunately to dig it out the surgeon had to cut right through the uterine wall. Hence which is why not only do I need to have a c-section, but 3 weeks early to avoid any chance of rupture since the wall itself was comprimised.

    Do some research on the Internet. That helped me a lot to understand the types of fibroids and how they can impact fertility. The good news is that it only one and is on the outside of the uterus, not sure if the fact it dents it a bit will affect implantation. I think the bigger concern is its growing with all the drugs/hormones. I do have a friend who had a successful preganancy with two large fibroids which were discovered only after she got pregnant so nothing could be done about it.

    Is this your OB or RE? If OB then ask your RE what they think and vice versa. If you can avoid surgery that will be good, since they will not even consider doing treatments until you are a good 3 mos out. I lost 6 mos in the whole process from diagnosis to first IVF attempt.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Sunflower, it's helpful. Sure enough, the doctor told me some similar things you mentioned above. I'm getting a second "expert" opinion on the fibroid. I'm not too worried about a bit more pain (I say that now!) or it growing a bit if I got pregnant, but I do care if it affects my chances of a pregnancy.

  4. It sounds to me like she thinks you should get rid of all the things she found for the best chances, but that only the smaller ones are definitely an issue