MRI Dropout

After my hysteroscopy on Tuesday morning, during which my doctor could not locate the larger fibroid seen on the ultrasound, she ordered an MRI to gather more information about whether it was located in the uterine wall in a place that might impede implantation. 

Said MRI was SUPPOSED to be yesterday, but guess who couldn't hack the lengthy entrapment in a solid metal tube?  That would be Moi. 

As a partial excuse, I may have lasted longer if I had known more about the timeframe and steps involved.  As it was, I thought it was kind of like getting an xray, but you're in this tube thing, taking about as long as the MRIs I see on an episode of "House" or something.  Yeah, clueless. 

Did you know that you have to be in that claustrophobic piece of crap for up to 20 or more minutes?  How do people even do that?  But if I had known that there would be several pinging/buzzing MRI picture-taking sessions, each a few minutes in length, well, I could have at least mentally prepared for it, or likely requested drugs of some sort (or inquired about an "open MRI," which I hear is not really open but at least a bit more spacious). 

As it was, when I was all prepped and slid into the tube, I withstood a couple pinging sessions and started to freak out.  I was thinking to myself, "This thing should be about over now, right?"  So, I called the techs name and asked how much longer.  When he said up to 20 minutes, I really freaked the F out and said, "I need out!"  At which point, to his credit, he had me out of there PDQ.  Kinda traumatic all around, though. 

S was very supportive afterwards and went with me to have drinks and decompress.  I'm frustrated they didn't set me up for better success.  I did mark "claustrophobic" on the form, but it seems he didn't take that seriously? or maybe he didn't see it?  But I'm also really disappointed that we weren't able to get the data needed to decide how to handle this fibroid.  I called and emailed my doctor yesterday afternoon but haven't heard anything back.  I guess I probably won't until Monday. :(

On a tiny note of hope, I did ovulate yesterday, according to temperatures.  S and I decided to try, on the off chance that his guys could survive the - TMI alert - old blood heavy spotting still happening from my hysteroscopy.  During the procedure Tuesday, the doctor did comment that my lining was thick.  It makes me wonder how thick my lining is normally, without being on birth control pills for the first week of my cycle!  I'm sure the chances are miniscule, but it still feels good to take whatever chances we might have.

One other point about the hysteroscopy:  the doctor saw three polyps but said they shouldn't interfere with implantation and that one had a "thick stem" and would be difficult to remove.  She also wanted to see what was going on with the fibroid prior to any treatment.  I was bummed she couldn't just take them out, though.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of MRIs either. I have had two, but lucky I didn't have to go all the way in or I would have reacted the same way. Good luck.

  2. MRIs dont bother me since I close my eyes so I dont feel like I am stuck in a tube. The holding breath while they are taking the pics is more traumatic for me.

    I really hope that your fibroid is in a location where you will not need any procedure for removal. And yes, always try TTC whenever you can , one never knows which month could have the good egg. Good Luck!

  3. With all the technological advances that we have made, I still don't understand why MRIs need to be that tight of a space. I've had one short one before, but only involving my head, it wasn't much fun. Actually come to think of it, couldn't they do the MRI with only your bottom half in the machine and your upper body out?

    1. That's a good point, Ali! I'll ask about it - I certainly could withstand it better if I could be partially out of the thing.

  4. I can't say that I blame you one single bit. Seems like decent news, otherwise!

  5. I've never had an MRI and I guess I'm as clueless as you. I had no idea they were that long. I'd probably freak too. They should have given you a better idea of what to expect. Hopefully the fibroid won't interfere with TTC.

  6. Oh my gosh, you poor thing! They should have given you something to sort of sedate you for that. I hope you guys are still successful this cycle!! Thinking of you!

  7. It's crazy they didn't give you any idea of how long it would take - they do this every day, right? I hope you get a call back from the doc with a plan of what to do next very soon.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your MRI experience. It's strange that they wouldn't explain the procedure to you. Very frustrating.

    Good luck with your 2ww!

  9. It's funny that I can't remember my 2 MRIs much at all. I think I closed my eyes and meditated. I really don't remember them being that long! So sorry. That freaked out feeling is horrible.

    But, sounds like a great re-coup after, and a little trying for the baby is perfect.