Business and Pleasure

I don't really have time to write this morning, but still felt the need.  Later today, I am embarking on the seventh date with the guy I spoke about, SB.  We are attending a Sup.er Bowl party at the house of one of his co-workers.  I'm looking forward to it, but also it feels like too much is happening today.  I am going to leave soon to go to my Sunday morning dance group.  I would skip it, actually, but we are doing a "newbie night" soon at my Inter.Play theatre group, and I want to cross-polinate and give invite flyers to dance friends.

Part of my busyness is that I am also moving forward with actions to reach clients and build my career counseling practice.  These actions have included attending a small (very small - like 10 people) networking event last Monday and practiced my "What do you do?" spiel about the clients I seek to attract.  People responded well!  So that was encouraging and I have a few business cards to follow up with.  I have also been racking my brain for people and places with which to network and reflecting on the "package" I will offer clients.  Those of you doing coaching/counseling might relate to this.  I do not have teleseminars/video or a book yet, so my package is just made up of services:

  • 8 hour-long career counseling sessions
  • additional email coaching between sessions
  • and either resume/cover letter editing or a personality assessment (administering and interpreting assessment and providing career guidance based on results).  

My potential clients are "amazing women who want to make a difference but are stuck in dead end jobs that don't fit them.  I help them blaze a trail to sustainable, meaningful careers that are deeply connected to their passion."  What do you think?  I hope my package offers enough juicy value that they will be excited to sign up for that level of commitment with me. 

But back to dating, the topic more likely of interest to you!  We had the fabulous date last week checking out local artist galleries and having drinks/dinner.  Overall a really fun and connected time.  Then, Friday night, we went to the Oakland museum for a food truck/music event.  It was just okay... We seem to be kind of up and down and honestly, I think it's more me that is up and down.  I do think he contributes by being more or less engaged and grounded based on his intense work schedule and being an introvert, etc.  But I am still struggling at times with thinking that he not "my type" and focusing on what is not "perfect" about him - an oh so familiar struggle, blech!

I think it is true that I would prefer he was less lanky and more stocky, and that it would be nice if he were a little more "cute" in the way I experience cute.  Looking at the positive aspects, he is fit and strong and has sweet, friendly eyes and a nice smile.  I like his hands and how they feel in mine.  The kisses are yummy.  And personality-wise, though he is more cerebral, he is also very attentive and caring, intelligent, and can roll with my "direct" nature.  Whereas my last boyfriend was a runner, SB is a stayer.  If something comes up, he becomes more engaged and tries to talk it through.  I appreciate that very much.

Well, that's all the time I have to analyze today.  :-) I will write more later after today's date.  I do have a date with another guy for next weekend, which feels right for the stage SB and I are at.  I am not ready to commit.


  1. Sounds like things are going well on the work and personal front. I hope the date went well.

    1. Thanks! :) It did go well after a rocky start which I'll share in the next post.

  2. I like the sound of your career counseling.

    I also like the sound of SB *and* your upcoming date with someone else. :)

    1. Thanks, Shannon, the other date happens tonight. I got no sleep last night and it's pouring rain - hopefully, I can rally some positive energy...