Stepping Out on Faith

So, I have a dating report... as well as a report on my hotshot "client attraction" workshop last weekend.  And a couple other tidbits of info.  Some developments require me to show faith...

Dating has been up and down.  I went out a couple more times with the guy I mentioned before.  He spontaneously came to my 'hood to watch the college National Championship game (booo Ohio State).  I was really sad when things took a turn against Oregon, but c'est la vie.  I think more emotions come up for me because of the connection with home and family.  In any case, things became awkward again.  I think he's sort of co-dependent in his response to things in that he tries to fix them right away or just tries too hard in general.  But then again maybe I am comparing him to my family culture in which my parents don't try much at all.  It brings up my anxiety and I want to tell him to just chill out.  On the other hand, I appreciate that he doesn't run away when things get awkward or tense, and the kissing continues to be good.

Last week, we met for drinks.  The bar was packed and distracting.  I found myself checking out another guy - that's not a good sign is it?  He wasn't making very good conversation, but then again, neither was I.  It's weird because we had such a good conversation the first time we went out; maybe I keep wanting to experience that again.  So, yeah, somewhat awkward and confusing again, then good kissing at the end.  This week, he seems to have taken a step back, which works to make me a bit more interested (annoying this works, but it does).  We have both genuinely been busy and were supposed to get together Monday, but I bailed because my energy was super low after the weekend workshop and I needed to catch up and recharge.  Then we were supposed to have a phone convo, and he bailed.  Last night, he asked me out for Saturday.  I guess I will go and see if fourth time is a charm?  What do you think?

I have also been interacting (sending "likes" etc.) and emailing with other guys from the online site.  There is one guy who seems very interesting who actually lives in my area.  He "liked" me and I reciprocated... I am waiting to see if he sends a message.  If I don't hear from him in a couple days, I might extend the first message.  I don't have rules about that kind of thing.  From what I have heard, I think here in the Bay Area, it is very common for women to initiate contact.  So, I'll keep you posted.

The weekend workshop! was! amazing!  Presented by the "Thrive Academy," it was three full days packed with useful information and personal growth activities aimed at increasing your confidence and skills as a holistic practitioner/coach/counselor in terms of marketing yourself and attracting clients.  Friday night, I had this big breakthrough in this exercise where you hold your chair up (it symbolizes the weight of your fears and barriers) and do this visualization imagining yourself going along as you have for the rest of your life and basically not breaking out of your self-imposed cage to experience freedom and your full potential.  Part of it was calling in your "power animal" which is not new to me, as I have been part of women's groups with a Native American focus, and have had many dreams, as well, in which mountain lions (and other powerful) cats have come to me.  So in the visualization, when he asked us to call in our power animal, the mountain lion was right there for me and it was so powerful to break out of the cage and limiting beliefs, which were tied to family and self worth.

I admit that exercise and others, as well as connecting with a few awesome people - part of the "magic" of the program is mutual support and community - and hearing about the proven results, combined to hook me.  I signed up for their year-long client attraction mastery program!  I can attend four weekend intensives this year, should I choose.  I am definitely attending in February and March.  It's nice because they are just during the day, then I can come home and recharge and care for Zoey at night.  I have already started working the steps of the program and have set up my first coaching call.  I intend to attract several new clients by the end of February, which will allow me to continue working part-time at the college AND earning a higher-level income to experience more abundance and choice - including foster/adopt and a larger living space (either through renting this entire two-bedroom house or moving).  I am both scared and very excited.  Please send me good thoughts!

Speaking of the foster/adopt program, after the packet got lost over Christmas, I finally received it a week ago and spoke with someone on the phone this week.  I plan to attend the orientation in February and likely begin the four-Saturday Pride training in April, after my two client attraction workshops in February/March.  I think I mentioned that I completed a similar training when I lived in San Luis Obis.po, but that was several years ago (they require more current attendance).  An April training schedule will give me time to increase my work with clients and prepare.  The good news is that I could foster a child under two-years old with only one bedroom.  But it's a bit risky because if they turn three during the placement, I would have to move immediately.  I really would prefer to foster/adopt an infant, though, so maybe it is "meant to be" to begin this way.

That's all the news for now.  Hope your year is starting with many blessings.


  1. Lots of exciting developments. The workshop sounds amazing. And I am crossing my fingers for you with regard to the foster/adopt program. I think you should give the fourth date a try and see how it goes!

    1. Thanks Sunflower! I appreciate it. I've gone out with him again and we have another date for tomorrow night. I like him but still not sure. Having fun though.