Implantation Dip?

I hope this chart comes through.  These represent the last two months of my cycle, plus the incomplete current month, as the legend indicates.  The ice blue line is my current chart: do you notice anything different?  My temperature dropped off precipitously this morning a couple of days earlier and a couple of tenths lower than it has in previous charts, which has me thinking "implantation dip."  

I'm trying not to get too excited though, since last night was a weird night.  My bedtime was a couple hours later, after returning from dinner and a play in the city with sh/cm and friends - I love the way that sounds!  I clearly don't do it that often. lol  

Anyway,  the play - which was a feminist interpretation of the Ramayana, a sacred Hindu text, and cast my Non-Violent Communication friend K in the lead - and after-play discussion went longer than expected, and then sh/cm and I got into a long talk about recent communication with his daughter (who had been painfully estranged from him) and our individual and collective goals.  I didn't get to bed until after 1:30.  I took my temperature at around 6:50 am - which is when I normally take it, but after only about five hours of sleep - and it read 97.7.

When I took it again a little after 9 am, it read about 98.  Would you count the first one if you were me?

If I count the first one, it really seems to be an implantation dip. Time will tell.  If my temperature shoots back up tomorrow, then that would say a lot.

My only other sign so far has been sore breasts. Really sore. Unusually and surprisingly sore.  

So, I am holding hope, but trying to hold it lightly. . .


  1. Last month we had our IUI within one day of each other. This cycle I had my IUI on September 13th. What day did you have yours this time? I actually forgot to take my temp. this morning, I suck at keeping a BBT, and I never really see a pattern forming. So far, my only symptom is also incredibly sore boobs too! Wishing us both luck!!!

  2. Not that I'm any sort of charting expert, but I'd keep your first temp if that's the time you normally take it. If I'm remembering correctly from Taking Charge of Your Fertility, they say that your temperature should be accurate if you've gotten at least 3 hours of sleep prior to taking it.

    So...in my opinion, this looks promising. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!