Second Day Down

Another school day down.  Only one truly torturous period - 6TH (BOO, HISS).  Several little trouble makers whose sole purpose is to make my life difficult!

I'm somewhat powerless in that the teacher in this class has indicated she wants to deal with any bad behavior, due to the fact that we are not certified teachers.  Her "dealing with it" has looked like talking with them and the behavior starting back up again within a few minutes.

The other teacher we are working with is quite the opposite and is supporting and tag teaming us very successfully to manage her classes.

I've communicated with my supervisor about the situation in Period 6, which yesterday included talking and disruption the entire period, including inappropriate sexual innuendo remarks.  I'm hoping she will have some solution but if not, I've committed to soldiering through.

The classes are such a lesson in contrast!  Period 4 are complete and total angels, and I sail through that class on a cloud.  The others are on a range in-between, but most are productive and fairly well engaged overall.  Some of the students truly are incredibly endearing and sweet.  When things get tough, I continue to repeat the mantra of my hourly wage. lol

To give you a sense of how drained I feel when I get done with the day: yesterday I bought a diet coke and chocolate hostess donettes to soothe myself immediately after, then proceeded to come home and lie on the couch the rest of the late afternoon/evening, except for taking a neighborhood walk.  Fell asleep for over an hour during that time, as well.

Again, kudos to the teachers out there.  I know now that you have to be very special and strong to be a teacher.  I literally would not have it in me to teach full-time.  You deserve much more money and many more accolades!!!

p.s. I will post separately on my current two-week wait in the next day or two.  Right now, off to acupuncture. . .

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  1. Teachers need all our praise. I couldn't do it!!!