Inventory of Signs

My temperature is still up today at 98.2.  Yikes!  Could this be something real?  Putting the signs together so far:

Sore boobs pretty much the whole time since ovulation.
9 dpo - Some pulling feelings on right side of lower abdomen.
10 dpo - Temperature dip.  Some lighter AF-type cramping.  Small red spot of blood on TP in the evening.  Trouble sleeping, kept waking up.
11 dpo - Temperature back up.  Trouble sleeping, woke up several times. Strange dreams.
12 dpo - Temperature still up!  Some pressure feeling in lower abdomen.  Light backache, similar to period but lighter.

I don't want to get my hopes up too far.  I know that tomorrow my temperature could plummet, and it could all be over.  And even if I am pregnant, there are so many things that could go awry.

But I had my first little "OMG, I could really be pregnant!" freak-out feeling this morning when I saw my temperature was still up.  It was the first time I've ever felt that feeling!  I told sh/cm, and he was like, "I know!"


  1. Whoo Hoo! Crossing my fingers for you!!

  2. wonderful! how many more days before peeing on a stick?!

  3. Oh, I really hope it is positive!!! Sounds like good symptoms to me (although I'm a bit biased due to my similar symptoms)!!!! Can't wait for you to test!