A not so happy ending...

Just finished yet another long a** bus trip, this time from San Luis Obispo to San Jose on an Amtrak bus. I was thinking I had to miss my friend's wedding because of the car problems, but she wanted me there and generously offered to buy me a train ticket. It's nice to feel wanted. And I'm really glad I didn't miss this significant event in her life. I was able to catch up with several good friends before and after the wedding and ate bagels and chatted with the bride and groom this morning as we processed the happenings of the wedding. Super yummy Italian food, several sweet speeches, and some fun dancing. Not the highlight of the weekend: being partially grabbed on the butt when hugging the groom goodbye. :-/


  1. Oh my -- I had to read your post twice. That is not good about how your visit ended :-(

    1. I know! Kind of disturbing for me and also on behalf of my friend (she didn't know but just the fact it happened!). If it ever happens again - not sure when I'll see them again - but if it does I'll be ready to say something to him.

  2. How inappropriate (and douche-y) of him - and how awkward and uncomfortable for you! I'm a little worried for your friend. :S

  3. I'm kinda hoping that you'll say he was really drunk... although I'm not sure that is really all that much better.