Test Results and Developing My Inner Director

I started my cycle on the bus trip back from San Luis Obis.po.  Woo hoo!  Not.  But actually I'm glad to get things going.  Even though I'm not cycling this month, I'm getting tests done and beginning to gear up for my appointment on the 15th.  It feels like the action is picking up.  I think my tests came out pretty good.  What do you think (see below)?  Anyone know why she wanted LH tested at the beginning of the cycle?

I've heard different opinions about whether having a lower FSH matters when you've had a higher one.  One school of thought says you're overall picture is only as good as your worst FSH result, or something like that.  Whereas, I've also read about a lower FSH result (relative to other results you've received) indicating that your reproductive system is functioning better or something, and it seems like I read about doctors looking for a relatively lower FSH to go forward with an IVF cycle.  Am I hallucinating?  In any case, I'm glad my FSH hasn't gone up (my highest FSH was around 10).

On another note, I've been feeling out of sorts and mentally disorganized since I got back.  Maybe in part because of the somewhat disturbing experience I mentioned in the last post, but also I think that even though the trip was quick, it was intense and I saw several old friends in a short time.  I hadn't been back to SLO since moving to the Bay A.rea about two and a quarter years ago, though I'd seen my friend M, who got married, a couple of times since then (some of you might remember when S and I met her and the lech at the Mont.erey Aquar.ium last year).  The time with friends felt warm and connected, and we reminisced about old times.  But I have to remember that the reality of living there day-to-day was not nearly as connected.  I lived alone and spent most days working and coming home to an empty house.

I actually think it's a good thing that I've been shaken out of my routine groove.  It's kind of spurring me to think about changes I'd like to make, such as limiting my TV watching to a couple shows a day (I've been watching three or four).  Not that there is anything wrong with TV watching; I just feel like maybe I'm using it as a safety blanket and it could be holding me back a bit.

My housemate is in Ireland for two weeks.  Lucky him, right?  And lucky me too, to a lesser extent, because I get the house to myself.  I want to really enjoy this last stretch of summer and also do some creative and fun activities.  This requires me to use the "Director" part of my brain to design some structure.  I want to block out time for work (my new part-time job and new career counseling client), creativity (choreography and/or gathering people to do social change theatre), play and exercise (yoga and maybe a partner dance class), and exploration (spirituality, family, community).  We'll see how it goes...

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  1. That is a fabulous FSH! I too have heard that its as good as your higest one but I think it matters more what it is when you cycle and from what my RE told me a higher FSH just means a person is harder to stim, as it was in my case last year. I got a bunch of mature eggs but it took 14 days - yuck!

    Glad that you are making plans about doing fun things in the upcoming weeks.

    And I hear you on TV. I don't watch TV much instead watch stuff on NetFlix or surf magazine websites - so unproductive!

  2. Not that I'm an expert, but your results look really good to me (based on the little that I know). :)