Jellyfish are Creepy: Trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Did you know that Jelly Fish have no brain to speak of?  Yet they move around like other living creatures or animals, seeming to navigate through space with purpose.  It's creepy.  Apparently the cells just react to certain stimuli and also in accordance to the cells around them, like a domino effect.  Weird.

The trip overall was a good one.  We also saw amazing sea horses.  I'm sure you all know the males carry the young for a nice change of pace.  The way they dance and use their tails to wrap around and hold onto things is pretty nifty.

My friend seems very happy to be reunited and going strong with her now fiance, and they got along well with sh/cm.

We all went out to a decadent dinner afterwards, which began with this delightful watermelon/tomato drink (it sounds gross but it was surprisingly delicious) and ending with lavender creme brulee (yum!).

In the car on the way down and back, sh/cm and I talked energetically about collaborating on a climate change workshop with similar information content to the one he did this week, but instead of non-violent communication exercises in-between the four sections to help people process, I would facilitate embodied movement exercises or creative activities.  Each "between" section would be about 10 minutes or so.

We will offer these educational workshops free initially to community members and non-profit folks, adapting the material to make it most relevant to the concerns and potential action steps of each particular audience.  Once we have the curriculum smoothed out, the thought is that we will offer the workshop to local non-profit organizations for a sliding-scale fee and also give "train the trainer" workshops, so that other's can give these types of workshops, as well.

Our energy around this project is exactly the type of energy I've been longing for related to collaboration, and I'm feeling both excited and hopeful.

Still no two-week-wait signs to speak of.  My bbt has been bouncing around high, low, high, low, medium, so I'm not sure what that means.  I'm supposedly on 7 days post-ovulation.

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  1. It is so nice to have a project you are passionate about.

    I never took my bbt so I have no idea what a normal one would mean, never mind one bouncing around!