Halloween 2015

I posted a few pictures on FB of me in my calaca costume (a leftover from my time spent in Code P!nk), S in a hilarious - to me anyway - slinky crypt creature costume with pirate/cop accessories, and Zoey in her Taco costume.  All the comments were about Zoey!  Taco wins the day! :)

We had fun handing out candy to the cute little - and not so little - kids in the neighborhood.  *Side note - I don't quite get the point of taking a baby trick-or-treating to stranger's houses.  I guess it's to show off the cute costume and thinking they might enjoy it?  They can't eat the candy, right?*  My favorite costume was this darling little girl, with calaca face paint somewhat similar to mine and a sparkly witch outfit with hat.  It was so cute.  I really think the Ninja Turtle costumes are cute on little kids, too.  The older kids had some seriously creepy masks! lol  Zoey adjusted after a while and didn't bark.  She is so smart.

Then, S and I went out to get a drink and something to eat.  We had some good talks, and he reached out and offered me care and sympathy at one point, which melted me into showing sadness and brought us closer.  He realized he had unconsciously been pulling back some because he wasn't feeling well and that was how his family handled sickness.  He said he would try and work against that impulse.  He has two-and-a-half more weeks of treatment, then the holidays off and surgery likely at the end of January.  He's tolerated treatment very well so far, but is starting to have a couple of uncomfortable side effects.

Good news on my cousin's husband:  He made it through surgery well, and is awake and, though initially there was some paralysis in his left side, movement began returning.  Also, he was interacting with his children.  I am quite sure my cousin misspoke when she said he is having his entire frontal lobe removed.  Maybe all of the tumor there.  Anyway, I'm relieved that it seems he will have a much better quality of life than I initially thought.

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