Cool People

We had our staff retreat and appreciation day today and it was great! even though I had a mild headache for much of the afternoon.  We did a super fun art project where we brainstormed all the positive things about the nonprofit then picked one and drew with oil pastels to visually express it.  I really need to do art more often. We also talked about the successes of the organization last year and each shared a little bit about what we do and the program or service we work with. We also did a couple of fun cognitive exercises that got everyone laughing

After the retreat we went out to happy hour at a local restaurant. I had a really interesting and fairly deep conversation with a woman who sometimes assists or fills in for our art instructor. She was a little person. I've watched some of the TV shows with little people and - this is going to sound really stupid- but part of me looks at them as celebrities because of that.  Anyway, I guess I got over that, and we had a really great conversation.

After today, I appreciate the organization all the more. Everyone talks about the people and culture similarly to how I've talked about it. Really kind and generous staff with a heart for helping others. And the community of clients is pretty amazing, too, and inspiring in the way they face the impacts of their brain injury and work to recover, and help each other to recover and feel better.  Oh, and the Board gave us a $50 certificate to Amazon, which was super nice

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