Join Me in a Mind Game?

I know it's all a big mind game, but for funsies, I thought I would share a couple new signs. 

As mentioned in this morning's post, I am currently at 11 dpo.  Driving home from my acupuncture appointment early this afternoon, I reached a bit and felt an unmistakable stabbing pain in my underarm.  This is not usual for me, even on progesterone (at least not the last few cycles... I'll have to look back a ways to double check). 

As the day has progressed, it's become a continual soreness, more on my left than right.  Oddly my breasts themselves are hardly feeling sore today. 

The other sign - now don't laugh! - is feeling more sexual than usual at this time.  I usually feel pretty un-enthused during the last week of my cycle, but then often experience a little wave the day before, or as my period is starting.  This is two or three days before, so not my usual pattern.  I heard that it's possible you can feel more sexual in early pregnancy, due to increased blood flow.

Sooo, again, fully admitting it's a mindgame, I would love to hear any thoughts or feedback from you all!


  1. Urgh. My first comment disappeared into the ether...

    Sadly, I didn't experience an increase in libido during my pregnancy. If anything, it decreased. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a good sign for you!

    1. Okay, thanks, Jenny. I doubt it means anything positive!
      The sharp pain in my underarm gave me pause, though, but who knows.

  2. I wish I could list my symptoms for you that I had, but the truth is that the cycle I got pregnant I didn't have any symptoms at all. I think that was the difference from previous cycles where I had real or imagined symptoms (sore boobs, cramps, CM, etc). So I would say, anything that's "different" could be a sign? But really, who knows. I also know that it took be up to 6 weeks to have any real pregnancy symptoms, so sometimes I wonder if early symptom spotting is just a cruel mind game...

  3. My pregnancy with Finn there was a marked increase in my libido - the entire time, even the first trimester. That's not the case at all this time around, but it was a good sign for me last pregnancy! :)

  4. I did not have any symptoms when I got pregnant with Beanie, on an earlier BFP I felt stabbing pains in my uterus during implantation. Hope its a good sign!!!