Less than Uplifting

As you might have imagined, this last cycle came to an end a couple days ago.  I've been feeling physically and emotionally down but not despairing.   Maybe I'm kind of numb.   I went shopping and to happy hour yesterday, perhaps that says something?

I'm not excited to start this job at all, which sucks.  I want to be excited and hopeful.  Nervous is normal, but dreading it?  What was I thinking applying for a teaching job with junior high school hormone-fueled wild eyed provocateurs kids?  Even if it is in career development, a subject I love and love to share.

I'm having nightmare imaginings of kids throwing things and talking loudly and refusing to pay attention or engage with the material at all.  Also, that I will have no down time and will feel overwhelmed and completely drained halfway through the day.

I guess the good news is that anything that does actually happen will likely be better than what I'm imagining!

Did I mention I have to be there at the school Tuesday morning at 7:50 a.m. to meet and greet the teachers etc. and then head into our first of SIX class periods at 8:30.  Those of you who are teachers will be laughing at me I'm sure.  You do this every day.

Sorry for the less than uplifting post.  I think I'll be in a better mood later this week. . .


  1. Hopefully at least some of your classes will be good ones. Something I think I have almost mastered now is the stare. I stop speaking, look at the offending student, and wait. When that student notices and turns around, I say something like "If it so important, we can wait just a minute for you." So far I've not "had to wait." Good luck! I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Sorry to hear you are not excited about your job. Although I'm not a teacher, I can't say that I can find excitement in my job which I just started less than two months ago. It's so much better than my old one, but my recent disappointment has put a dark cloud of everything lately.

    I hope you can find some enjoyment in your work--at least next week is a short week!

  3. I am not the poster girl for loving her job. I have noticed when I am positive and start with a positive attitude and a little prayer before I walk in I have a better day.