Land of the Two Week Wait

Checking in from the Land of the Two Week Wait.

I started using Fertility Friend this month and have found it helpful - and fun!  I enjoy overlaying my chart on others' BFP charts (especially those over 35-years-old) and seeing how things align.

It looks as if I ovulated two days early this month for some reason; possibly the acupuncture and supplements having an impact?  In any case, due to this fact, we barely caught the peak window.

In looking back at the ovulation signs. . . My ovulation predictor was already positive when I first tested on Monday morning, and I'm imagining would have showed a first positive on Sunday.  My temperature dipped Monday and then rose Tuesday, indicating I probably did ovulate sometime Monday.  Sorry to those of you who are bored with these details! :)

We tried on Monday and Tuesday, but I feel Tuesday was likely too late.  We also tried the previous Thursday, which may have helped if ovulation was early.  Do those of you that have ttc'd and charted your basal temperature find that your temp rises predictably the day after ovulation?  I think that's usually the case.

And finally, I want to report my first hopeful 2ww sign:  I felt several sharp twinges in what I think was the right side of my uterus just after I got into bed last night.  All in the same place and all the same sharp, pointed, twinge-like feeling.  We will see if any more positive signs follow.

Anyway, enough of the 2ww madness for now, though I'm sure I'll have more to share later. ;-)


  1. I generally have a very noticeable rise the day after ovulation, but some women have a slow climb.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Try to stay sane(ish). :)

  2. We are cycle sisters!! I have been looking for someone in the 2WW at the same time as me. I had my first IUI on Sunday (the 14th), only one day before you! I also experienced that sharp twinge-like feeling, but on my left instead of the right. Good luck to you in the next week.

  3. Yes, M, trying to keep it in the "sane (ish)" realm. :) Thanks for crossed fingers.

    Cool, Ali! Good luck to you, too! Any other signs yet? I had a low-grade headache all day today and am having more chest soreness than usual. I'll see if you have a blog too. . .