Cycle Update, with Garlic on the Side

Thanks you to those who commented about your supplements: it sounds like I am on the same page with many of you, and I also learned a couple of things!

So, this cycle looks to be a bust.  I haven't had any twinges or implantation spotting or really any other signs to speak of.  I've been tired but have also been going to bed late.

I do wonder about the effects of the supplements, though, and perhaps my body taking time to get used to them.  Curious if any of you noticed any reactions or differences in your cycle after starting supplements?

A couple specific new effects I've noticed: first, this is a weird one, but my face, especially around my mouth/lips, has felt little surges of tingling; and second, my basal temperature kept climbing after ovulation to 98.2 and hung out for three days, whereas it has recently been rising to only 97.9 and staying there.  A couple of days ago, it did come back down and settle at 97.9.

I've also had a few deep feeling twinges/pain in my breasts, but that is likely just PMS stuff.

Feeling absolutely nothing from the uterus area.

My cycle is due to end Thursday or Friday, so I guess I'll know for sure then.

On a happy, hopeful note, I started acupuncture today, and I love my acupuncturist!  I kept falling asleep on the table and felt a couple of energy surges that really made it seem that something was happening.  My plan is to go weekly; mostly for community "chair" sessions, but do one private session with needles in abdomen around ovulation.

Did I mention sh/cm is paying for this?  Loving.  Him.

Speaking of sh/cm, we went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival over the weekend, and he met one of my closest friends from San Luis Obispo for the first time.

She shocked me by showing up without her boyfriend of several years, saying they had just broken up the previous weekend.  I was so sad for her because everything she has said about him, as well as the way that they were when they were together, indicated he was the "one" for her.  It's a complicated situation, and she hopes they will eventually end up back together, as do I.

But sh/cm really shone in this circumstance; rolling with the surprise of it being three versus four of us (definitely changes the dynamic) and being very supportive and giving a "guy's perspective" when she shared some thoughts and feelings with both of us at the end of the day (she and I also talked about it privately earlier when sh/cm was out getting drinks/food).

We took some pictures together, which turned out really well.  We danced and looked at arts and crafts.  We walked around, basking in the sun and the general diverse, "good vibe" friendliness of the place.

When my friend sent me the pictures, I thought, "Wow, is that us?  We really look like a couple!" hehe

We have also had a couple different areas, one for him and one for me, where we've gotten emotionally "triggered" lately.  But I think I will share about that in another post. . .


  1. I was hoping for an update soon!! :) If not this time, another... You sound very level headed and positive. I'm so excited to watch you two journey together. :)

  2. Sorry to hear the cycle seems to be a bust...but I'm still hoping it works out!

    I've been scarfing down these supplements since January but, after only 1 egg after 12 made it to Day 5, I'm a little more skeptical now. Not enough, of course, to stop taking them, but I'm not as confident as I was before this cycle.

    Accupuncture is great---very relaxing. I only wish it weren't so expensive!