The Disappointment Continues

Chalk up two more BFNs in the record book.

This cycle currently stands at 11 dpo.  I read on one website that the average day women on the site received a positive HPT was 11.7 dpo.  Another site said around 13 dpo.  So, I suppose there is still a chance I might get a positive in the next couple of days.

Yesterday, my breasts were quite sore but today less so.  I also felt period-like heaviness/tightness in my lower abdomen/back but then again it may have been due to sore back muscles and indigestion. lol  You just never know.  My temperature is remaining high so far.

If you didn't see the relationship questions in the last post, please take a look and respond if you have the time/inclination.  Inquiring minds want to know!  If I get a few responses, I will write a summary post.  You can email me if you are more comfortable, and I can keep your name confidential.

I'm looking forward to going out to pizza with sh/cm tonight.  That has become one of our 2ww rituals, usually during the last few days of my cycle (anyone else have rituals to help get through stressful times or is it just me?).

Then Sunday, after I go to my ecstatic dance group and sh/cm goes to his krav maga workout, we are heading to a local park with some of my dance peeps to chill together at this festival.

Next weekend, we are going down to San Diego for Labor Day weekend to meet his brother, his brother's wife, and their two boys.  I'm really looking forward to getting to know his brother, as they were and are very close, partly due to weathering the difficulties of divorce and a mean stepfather together.

Anyone else have Labor Day plans they are looking forward to?

In October, we will swing the other direction and visit my fam up in Oregon.  More on that at a later time.

For now, I shall bravely return to face the short remainder of this 2ww!


  1. I am still holding hope for you. Some women have also received late positives. And you definitely still have time for yours. <3

    I'm heading up to Lake Cavanaugh for the holiday weekend to spend time with some good friends. It's a tradition now - after three or four years. I'm looking forward to getting away, even though I'll be single this year.

  2. I still think 11dpo might be too early. You may have had a late implantation. Don't give up hope yet!

  3. Today is 13dpo for me, and still seeing BFN. I saw a statistic for 13% BFP at 14dpo, but I'm losing hope too. But we both need to remember we are still in the game, even if the statistics aren't in our favor. Good luck to you in the next few days!!

  4. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that it still turns out to be a BFP for you.