Twice? Really??

I'm in shock.  My purse/bag was just stolen for the second time in two weeks.  I'm so angry.

The first time was my fault, because I dropped it in the grocery store parking lot.  It had my ID, bank card and some other random stuff, plus $150, which kind of sucked.

Tonight, I guess I was also an idiot in leaving my over the shoulder book type bag in the front seat when I went in to my theatre class.  I almost brought it in with me and of course I'm kicking myself now.  No cash this time, but my expired license, social security card, and new bank card were in there.  I guess they must have picked the lock because no windows were broken.

Now I have to jump through a bunch of hoops before my road trip to Oregon this weekend.  I don't think I'd mentioned that yet here... I'm going to visit family for a few days.  I missed my niece and nephew and wanted to get away for a while too.

Anyway, I guess things could be worse.  What does this mean, though?  What's the universe trying to tell me?


  1. I'm so sorry to hear your purse has been stolen - twice! That's terrible and such a violating feeling (not to mention a pain - you probably already know this, but identity theft is huge and it would be a good idea to change your social security number...someone use mine to steal my identity and work several years ago). What is the universe trying to tell you? Hmmm....good question...maybe "Be careful, protect your valuables, and keep your "things could be worse" perspective - it's a healthy one!"

  2. That does suck! The odds of having your bag stolen twice in two weeks? Yeesh! I don't know if there is a message from the universe, but I agree with Maddy's point about identity theft. You need to see about putting a block/warning/something on your record so that for a while anyone (even you) has to do a little more to open an account.

  3. Darn, that is awful. I hope you can get your cards cancelled. What a headache to have to deal with before your trip.

  4. Oh, that sucks!! Hope you get everything taken care of quickly so you can enjoy the weekend with your family!

  5. You've got to be kidding. I am so sorry - that just sucks.

    Why are people so mean?