HCG Humor - update

I want to check in, but I'm super tired so will probably be an abbreviated one.  Just wanted to share the bit of HCG Laurel and Hardy entertainment I put myself through today.  So, my OPK was a little darker this morning but still not a surge.  They moved my monitoring appointment up to today from Wednesday, even though I knew what has happened would end up happening: i.e. back-to-back appointments, two days in a row.  Suddenly, 40 minutes to Fre.mont seem a bit more of a pain.  Oh well.

My appointment was okay, but not quite what I'd hoped for.  Looks like two, maybe three good follicles.  One 23, one 17, and I'm not sure if there is one more or not.  There was another one in the 20s on the sonogram pics, but the NP had gone into another appointment, and the nurse wasn't sure if it was two pictures of the same follicle.  During the monitoring, I thought she said there were only two big ones.  Anyway, I'll confirm it tomorrow.

When I left, I said I didn't need her to prescribe the HCG, as I already had some at home.  Well, apparently I was flashing back to the HCG shot I had an used in my last cycle or something because it wasn't to be found after tearing through drawers and cupboards and my refrigerator several times in a panic.  Of course, everyone had left for the day.  What to do?

I decide to call the Kai.ser Fre.mont emergency line and get this fabulous nurse who found me an ob-gyn to prescribe the HCG.  I run down to the pharmacy and look at the medicine... and I recognize it!  I've got that exact medicine back at home (did I mention a couple people have passed on some sweet meds?)!  The brand name is something different, but I know it's the same human chor.ionic gona.dotropin or whatever - it's a catchy name!  Plus, I find out the price - ouch!  Okay, I'm using what I have at home!

So I have to laugh at myself, as I drive myself home after putting myself and others through needless travails.  I get home, watch the youtube video about how to shoot up HCG, and get the job done by 8 pm.  Whew!

My delay will throw the timing of the IUI off by a few hours, and I'm wondering if that makes much of a difference.  I'll give them a call tomorrow.  Anyway, it was quite a day.  The journey continues!

Update:  Oh, and:

This community means a lot to me, and I appreciate the mutual support we all share; support - and understanding - I feel is hard to find anywhere else.  It seems fitting this post is right at the time of trigger/IUI!  I woke up this morning to a temp dip so things seem on target so far...


  1. I hate those moments when you know you have something but then come to find out that you've imagined it. I swear it is the meds we are on that make us crazy! Glad everything worked out for you. I will be thinking of you in the next couple days!!

  2. Yay for trigger! Sorry about the HCG mix up! I would also blame the hormones that make us crazy LOL. Best of luck to you!!

  3. OMG...what a crazy day. Why does this type of craziness always happen to us IF TTC'ers?

    I had a similar HCG panic story but it was 10pm at night I was gathering my things to take my shot only to notice that the HCG poweder in the vial was all congealed and stuck together not loose like it should be. I was in tears, there was nothing I could do that late at night. I took the shot and frantically googled stuff into the night. Next morning I tool a HPT which came up postive so I knew it was in my system. But the insanity of it all.

    Good luck with the appts and the IUI.

  4. Happy 200th post and good luck with your IUI! Hopefully, your delayed hCG shot won't affect anything.

  5. I think you should still be ok, despite the slight delay in getting the hCG shot. It's better to have the sperm there waiting for the egg than the other way around!

    Good luck, hon!

  6. Wow, craziness! A lot of my cycles have ended up like that! I hate rushing around and all that. Glad it all worked out though! Good luck with your IUI!!!!

  7. Is it possible you ovulated on your own before taking the HCG? That's what happened to me, so I didn't even take the HCG I had, and I ended up with Carys. And if not, I agree, it's better to have the sperm in there waiting for the egg to be released. What will the timing end up being between trigger and insemination? A 25 hr post-trigger-IUI gave me Fiona :-)

    Good luck!!

    1. Hi Claire - I don't think I ovulated on my own because my temp didn't go up at all this morning. And also, my OPK was not positive yesterday (Tues) morning. It only was positive as of later last night. I think the HCG shot was probably around the time I would have surged on my own but hopefully it didn't hurt to add it into the mix! The timing was about 20 or 21 hours after trigger. Not too far off from your timing from Fiona. :-) Thanks for sharing that.

  8. All you needed for your day was a soundtrack from a Tom & Jerry cartoon! Glad it all worked out though. I am keeping everything I've got that can be crossed, crossed that this is the cycle for you! Happy 200th post btw!

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