Halfway Through

I can't believe it's only been a week since my IUI!  It feels like a month, lol.  This progesterone is kickin' my butt around a good bit.  

Case in point:  I got all weepy after work today when I told my housemate that I wish I could shut my brain off and felt like everyone was being mean, and he said in this little mocking voice, "Everyone is being meeean."  

Well, first I wanted to slap him, actually, but then I just went inside the house, shut the door to my room, and did the loud, ugly cry for a few minutes.  I sooo needed my Mommy at that moment.  

I can tell it's the hormones, though, because it's just a different level of feeling stressed and depressed; a feeling I don't normally have.  

Anyway, one more week to go.  

Symptom watch (feel free to skip):

Things are definitely different than my last medicated IUI in June...  
  • Last time, my boobs were quite sore and this time they aren't at all, at least not yet.  
  • Seems like I'm more moody this time, but I can't really be sure.  
  • I know I had low abdominal (cervical?) cramping last time related to the progesterone.  I've had some similar cramping this time but not as strongly.  
  • I've had some cramping that feels like it's on one side or another of my uterus that doesn't last very long, but it's the dull kind of cramping, not any sharp twinges.  *Seems like twinges are more clearly connected to implantation.  
  • My bbt dropped this morning from 98.2 to 97.9.  I often have a drop or two though in my luteal phase, whether I'm ttc or not.  Usually they seem to be earlier or later, though... I do like the 6/7 dpo timing.  
So, hope is alive but I'm trying not to read to much into things at this point.  

I think I'm testing this time, though, so that'll be different.  I usually avoid it but, "No point in avoiding the truth," is the approach I'm taking this time.  I'll probably start testing Friday or Saturday.  

To end on a celebratory note, Jen had her twins!  Congratulations, Jen!


  1. Do you know when you'll start testing? I really hope that was an implantation dip you saw!

    1. I think I'll start Saturday on 10/11 dpo. Thanks for the hope!

  2. Ugh -- time always crawls during TWW. Crossing my fingers its an implantation dip for you since the timing is spot on.

    I usually stick it out out and test on 12DPO. Many women get positive on 10DPO but frankly even this past successful cycle I would have got stark white on 10DPO. It was faint at 12DPO. Good luck!!!

  3. I love that you talked about the ugly girl cry. LOL! I've so done that numerous times. And I love how you said No use denying it that you would pee on a stick. Hilarious! At least your honest. If I had them around the house I would so POAS! Praying and crossing my fingers for you!

  4. Ugh, the mood swings are the worst! Hoping this part improves for you. I feel so miserable when I'm suffering from crabbiness / sadness / etc. for no particular reason at all.