Monday Morning

No symptoms, unless - sorry for the TMI - gas is a symptom.  Then again, I ate chili yesterday, so maybe that contributed!   ha!  What an awesome way to start a Monday morning post; sorry about that! But really, that's about my only symptom on 4 or 5 dpo, other than progesterone-related stuff like very light cramping down in my cervical region.  And the expected moodiness, of course.

I don't mean to be a whiner, but this weekend was pretty lame.  I can't blame anyone but myself, though, as I said in the previous post.  If I wanted to have plans, I could have made plans.  It was just one of those weekends that makes it so clear why I would love to have a partner.  Reliable companionship and intimacy is nothing to be sneezed at.

The reality of day-to-day partnership is right in front of me, too, as my housemate is in a relationship and is always going off to meet his sweetie or talking to her on the phone into the late hours of the night.  And he complains about not having enough alone time!  lol

I can't help but also think that if I had plans, I wouldn't have been so let down by S not wanting to get together this weekend.  I think our recent talks felt really good, and I was craving more of that connection.  As mentioned, however, he is not the source I want to be relying on to fulfill that need.

Trying to stay positive about this cycle... which I do think was timed pretty darn well.  But, in looking at how my pre-ovulation phase went down, I'm frustrated with the clinic.  I knew I should have had my first monitoring appointment on Day 3, when the rude nurse said there were no appointments.  Day 5 was too late to start Fem.ara if you respond quickly.  I only had one day to do a Men.opur injection.

And it's not like I ovulated super early, even, at Cycle Day 12/13.  I guess it's a little early but not crazy early, right?  I can't help but wonder if I would have started Fem.ara earlier, we might have caught more eggs, as well.

But.  I'm going to stay positive.  The two eggs were great sizes, the timing was good (for once), and maybe the "gentle protocol" was better for my body.  Here's hoping!


  1. I hate, and I mean hate, not having plans during the weekend. It always gets me down and makes me wonder why I didn't plan ahead. Good luck with this cycle!

  2. Fingers and toes crossed for you!!! Two great follicles, good timing....I have a good feeling!

  3. I feel very positive for you!! Everything crossed for you! I know what you mean though, I always hope for better - but your eggies sound great! :-)

  4. I'm so excited for you! I'm anxiously getting caught up on my blog reading (again) and can't wait to read more of your posts. I swear this blog reading/writing/commenting is like a full time job - but much more fun than my actual full time job.