I did the trigger shot about 9:30 tonight. It felt really real as I was doing that.  I dropped off the donor vial at the doctor's today, as well.  I'm all set for the IUI Thursday morning.

I read an interesting RE blog article today that talked about follicle size and when to trigger, and it validated my plan. Basically said that if the lead follicle is 16 or 17mm and there are smaller ones to keep doing the medication for another day or two and then trigger.  Here is a direct quote:

"What if instead of the average 11-12 days it takes to grow the follicles, they are of the right size after only 6 days or 8 days?
If the size is good, but it seems early, we usually go at least one more day that we normally would, maybe 2. If it’s day 9 and the follicles are 19-20 mm, it really sounds ok to give hCG. If it’s day 7 (so 5-6 days of FSH injections), and the follicles are 17-18 mm, more time would probably be a good idea."


UPDATE:  I wanted to add that my doctor also felt this plan was the right one and concurred that synching up referred to maturing follicles.  Apparently he said he thought my response was pretty good.  But this was relayed through the nurse, and I look forward to touching base with him later today on the phone.


  1. GOOD LUCK, lady! I am rooting for this cycle, for you! You will be a great mom - the universe just needs to make it happen. ;)

  2. Fingers and toes crossed for you!

  3. I hope the IUI went well! Fingers crossed!!