11 dpo

I have a new sign to report:  headache.  Blech.  I've had a sinus-type headache over the weekend and heading into today.  I thought maybe the one on Saturday was related to my over-indulgence of cheese at the game night Friday.  But it continued on beyond the cheese explanation.

I've also been having vivid dreams and woke up a couple times in the early morning the last couple of mornings before, luckily, falling back to sleep.  I remember that happening to me in another cycle last year, when I was trying with S.  Last night, I dreamed I was caring for a cute little girl baby and my family was around.  I was very focused on her, though there were family dynamics going on.  In another, less pleasant dream, someone was caring for a dog and had left him on the changing table.  When I went over to check on him, I saw he had pooped and had it all over him.  As I tried to hold him still to clean it off, I had the thought that this was what it would be like sometimes with a baby. :)

Boobs have gotten more sore again, but not nipple pain, just sore.  All likely attributable to the progesterone supplements, I know.

I thought about testing today but don't feel like facing that horrible white space again (seen in previous cycles last year).  It's 11 dpo... three more days before I can get a blood test if things hold out.  When it's this close, I'm tempted to wait.  So far, my bbt temperatures are holding strong, but no real triphasic pattern as of yet.  Somehow, when I attached my chart to this post, it keeps updating each day, as I add new temperatures.  So, you can follow the trends there.  lol

The fundraiser game night was a wonderful night, full of yummy food, great conversation, meaningful visioning activity and fun games, and even ending with a sort of blessing ritual.  I felt much love and care, and everyone seemed to get along great (there were women I knew from different circles, such as Interplay, Nonviolent Communication, and Transition Towns) and enjoy themselves.

But.  I did not accomplish the initial primary goal of the evening: to raise funds to offset some ttc debt.  Contributions did come in, but were significantly less than I'd imagined.  I think there might be a few reasons for this, including:  I wasn't as clear or articulate as I would have liked in asking for the donations, people just don't feel they have a lot to give right now, and, finally, it was a Friday night and only half the women invited were able to come.

In any case, I've decided to let that go and chalk it up to an experiment.  An experiment that did reap many blessings in the form of fun, connection, and bonding with and between some of my good women friends.  Here are a couple of pictures from the night.  The first couple are us doing the "now" and "ideal" visioning activity (these are my visions, but each person had a turn), and the last is of the poem we created at the end of the night, each choosing one word.


  1. Your symptoms sound promising -- only a few more days to go - yay!!!

    The evening sounds like really fun, glad you had a good time. Pity about the donations but you are right that its just a difficult economy right now and many ppl just dont feel they have the ability to give much. Glad it was still fulfilling though.

    I am on pins and needles waiting for your test.

  2. That sounds promising! I'm completely taking my hat off to your self control!
    Got fingers toes and everything crossed!

  3. Sorry to hear you didn't receive the donations you had hoped, but it still sounds like you had an enjoyable time. I'm sooooo eager for you to POAS, you are way more patient than me. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and can't wait to hear!

  4. Thanks for your good wishes. With regard to waiting, it's more about fear than patience or control! :-)